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Going to Slush? Be sure to follow Holvi throughout the event!

News and Announcements, Off topic | 17/11/14 14:49

Hello Holvinites,

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Q&A with our new Growth team member: Stefan Krafft

News and Announcements, Off topic | 24/10/14 12:29

Holvi keeps on growing.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Financial Services in the UK - Who do they truly serve?

News and Announcements | 02/10/14 13:33

Did you know that approximately 50 % of the €946-billion UK economy is made up of small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, project workers and sole traders? It is these Makers and Doers who keep the UK moving. There are around 4.6 million Makers and Doers in the UK alone: micro-businesses employing fewer than 10 people and accounting for 96 % of all businesses.

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Holvi sets sights on Britain

Fintech Trends, News and Announcements, Small Business Tips | 30/09/14 09:19

Watch out, UK - Our team is excited to set its collective sights on your neighbourhood. Not only does the region present an immense new opportunity for Holvi - it is also one of the greatest current hotbeds  for entrepreneurs and freelancers, anywhere.

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The Holvi approach to banking

How to use Holvi, News and Announcements | 22/08/14 10:03

One of the most frequent questions we often find ourselves addressing has the concept  of “so are you a bank” attached.  Redefining an industry as traditional as finance or banking with very little development over the past 15-20 years is a challenging job, but hey, someone has to do it!

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Holvi, the online bank alternative lands on Irish soil!

News and Announcements | 15/08/14 13:39

Dia duit!

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Holvi – Slush

News and Announcements | 23/06/14 13:46

Slush is a long term Holvi customer, which runs their event almost completely on Holvi. Online store, ticket sales, invoicing and expense claims. We met with last years treasurer, Marianne, and made a short introductory video on Slush and how they used Holvi.
Slush is once again this autumn, 18-19.11 2014. Bigger than ever and still using Holvi.
Slush has been around since 2008 when Finnish entrepreneurs got together over a pint of beer. During the past few years the event has risen to be the biggest startup event in northern Europe. Last year 118 international venture capital funds attended the event and met 1960 startups in pre-set meetings. In addition there was of course a lot of extempore meetings and other networking.During the two days the venue will be full of interesting people, companies, investors and presentations. And of course after parties. The main organiser of Slush, Miki Kuusi, tells in a Finnish news paper: Partner in world leading venture capital fund, Sequoia Capital, started a meeting with saying “I have heard about your parties”.Get your own early bird ticket to Slush:  http://slush.org

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Holvi @ Arctic15

News and Announcements | 04/06/14 13:57

ArcticStartup is the biggest startup- and tech media in Nordic and Baltic region. On 27-28.5 they arranged a conference in Helsinki called Arctic15. Networking, presentations, companies, investors, partnerships and a lot more. Holvi was also at the event.

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New Holvi HQ Housewarming

News and Announcements | 05/05/14 13:25

We celebrated our new Holvi HQ by hosting an awesome party on April 24th. 

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