We are deeply saddened by the events ongoing in Ukraine. The invasion goes against all the values that Holvi stands for. 

Our heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. We stand by your side and are taking concrete steps to help. 

You joined us in supporting charitable organisations 

To show our support and help the people of Ukraine, on 4 March Holvi initially donated €25,000 to the Disaster Relief Fund by the Finnish Red Cross.

With the help of our customers, our goal was to donate €100,000 in total. To achieve this goal, we matched every donation made from a Holvi account to the following organisations in the month of March.


Donate here:

Finnish Red Cross

Bank transfer

Recipient: Finnish Red Cross

IBAN: FI52 5000 0120 4156 73


Reference: 5186

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Bank transfer

Recipient: DRK-Spendenkonto

IBAN: DE63 3702 0500 0005 0233 07


Reference: Nothilfe Ukraine


Altogether, we donated €62,000 with the support of our customers. Thank you for your contributions.

Now that March has come to an end, we are no longer matching donations. However, we still encourage you to donate – even without a match. Every contribution makes a difference.



All payments to Russia suspended by Holvi and partners

  • The use of Holvi cards for payments to merchants in Russia, and for withdrawing money in Russia has been suspended by our partner Mastercard.
  • Our partner Wise has temporarily stopped transfers to Russia, but will continue providing its service to people needing to send money to Ukraine as long as they’re able to do so. 
  • As a financial institution and regulated by the FIN-FSA and others, we operate in compliance with all applicable sanctions, laws and legislation.

We're in constant dialogue with our customers, partners and regulators and will continue to monitor the situation carefully, taking further action if necessary. In the meantime, we will of course share any relevant information with our customers as soon as possible. 


Other steps we are taking to support

We are deeply touched by the tremendous support shown by our team, pulling together in big and small ways to help those suffering the consequences of war.

We are actively encouraging every Holvian to get involved in their own way to help those in need. This could involve volunteering or contributing through other positive actions, both during and outside of working hours.

As Holvi, we continue looking for new ways to partner with organisations and put our collective skills to meaningful use.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. 💙💛