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Find your balance – 6 steps to work-life balance

Business tips | 20/11/20 16:30

Wake up. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

Not anymore. You’ve set out on a path to find balance. But… how do you start?

At Holvi, we think it goes something like this:

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An expat’s guide to a business account – 5 reasons to open a Geschäftskonto (2020)

Business tips, Sole trader business account | 19/11/20 14:10

So you moved to Germany and started your new expat life, made the leap into self-employment and started freelancing. Now you’re seeing – or maybe just foreseeing – transactions piling up in your Privatkonto (private account).

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5 reasons for paying your expenses cashless

Business tips | 16/11/20 14:29

Thought company cards were just for corporate execs? Think again. Here are five reasons why freelancers should have a separate card for business expenses.

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An expat's guide to Bürgeramt – how to get Anmeldung in Berlin (2020)

Business tips | 02/11/20 09:18

Moving to a new country is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you can do in life. Suddenly a new world opens up, with fresh opportunities and challenges. One of the first hurdles you’ll face as an expat arriving in Germany is attending an Anmeldung appointment.

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The Suffering – an open letter to the self-employed

'Late nights early mornings' neon sign

Entrepreneurship, Business tips | 23/10/20 12:16

Dear self-employed reader,

Are you passionate about work? This is a moment of truth – time to be honest. Don’t worry, whatever your answer, your small business can flourish.

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Mandatory e-invoicing in Germany 2020 – the way of the future

Freelancer at laptop happy after e-invoicing

How to use Holvi, Business tips, freelancer | 22/10/20 12:49

If you’re self-employed and working for Germany’s Federal Government, you’ll have heard of e-invoicing already. How come? Because...

From 27 November 2020, the Federal Government will no longer accept paper or PDF invoices.

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An expat's guide to Finanzamt – Steuer-ID, Steuernummer and Umsatzsteuernummer (2020)

Business tips, Sole trader taxes | 22/10/20 12:23

Germany is proud of its national efficiency stereotype. While it might not always seem like it, the country gets stuff done – just look at Germany’s strong economy and relatively low working hours compared to other EU countries. But German efficiency comes with complex processes and systems. Like the German tax system, for example.

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5 moments when German taxes frustrate every freelancer

Keep calm and drink coffee

Business tips, freelancer | 13/10/20 08:35

Starting a freelance career isn’t easy. And when taxes come into play, life can sometimes get stressful. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are 5 moments when every freelancer in Germany would probably love to abolish the Finanzamt.

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An expat's guide to health insurance in Germany – for freelancers (2020)

Healthy snack

Business tips | 09/10/20 06:00

Your health is the most important thing in your life. It's also the solid foundation of a successful career. But... life is unpredictable. That’s why health insurance is mandatory in Germany. There's no way around it, doctor’s orders. And the market is big. 

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What to do when the IHK sends you a letter (2020)

Business tips, Sole trader expenses, Sole trader taxes | 01/10/20 08:30

Getting a letter in the post can be a beautiful thing. An event that instantly transports you back to simpler times. Days when you still noticed the sunshine, the changing seasons, felt a flutter of excitement at the prospect of travel (or simply running into someone on the street). The pre-screen era, long before 2020.

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