Send e-invoices effortlessly with Holvi!

We are happy to introduce new a highly anticipated feature in Holvi: sending e-invoices!

Holvi introduces salary payments as part of the service

As your company grows, you’ll rightfully feel proud -- but expansion also brings added complexity. One of the biggest challenges for small and medium companies is the hiring of new employees. Not only is the recruitment process a hassle, there is also plenty of bureaucracy to go around when you have an employee. Especially when you pay salaries: you need to calculate salary and deductions for payroll, file reports to the tax authorities, make insurance payments and all that. Now Holvi has new ways to help out: introducing our new payroll tool! (disclaimer, the functionality is only available in Finland for now)

Holvi’s new visual identity is all about passion

Holvi is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. This gives us unique insights into the challenges small businesses have – and their potential. We aim to help entrepreneurs on their path to success by simplifying what is complex and giving them more time to focus on their passion.  

Finnish FinTech goes Germany

Helsinki-based Holvi, established in 2011, has devised a new kind of business current account as an alternative to the products of traditional banks. Holvi combines every business management tool an entrepreneur needs, and in combination with the Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard® card offers a completely paper-free solution to the monthly bookkeeping.

An expat's guide to a business account - Why you need one

At the beginning of your freelancing career you might ask yourself what the buzz about business accounts is. Why go through the effort of splitting your funds in the first place? The truth is that a business account can make your life much easier. Let German efficiency inspire you!

How to Open Your Own Webstore in 5 Minutes

Holvi is an online banking service* for entrepreneurs. It produces several tools for its customers that make the running of their business smoother. The most notable of these tools are the entrepreneur’s business current account, the invoicing tool, the advanced reporting tools and the own webstore! In this article we’ll go through how you’ll be able to open your own webstore in five minutes without any technical knowhow.

Business Banking with Holvi - now smarter than ever!

Holvi is a digital current account for your business.
Combined with streamlined bookkeeping and powerful business apps.

Let Holvi Help You with Accounting!

One of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurship is the accounting that comes with it. Time spent on accounting is time that could have been spent on something productive, but wasn’t. On top of this (or because of this) accounting is an endless source of frustration and stress.

7 Tips to Start Marketing Your Online Store

This article is part of our series of guest posts, where visiting writers offer their advice to entrepreneurs. Today saying his piece is Heikko Sivonen, the co-founder and director of digital marketing for the inbound marketing company Fuel.

Introducing the Holvi Business Mastercard designed for entrepreneurs

From the onset, Holvi has been guided by a mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to manage their finances in a more efficient and cost effective way. We’re proud to have made a significant step toward realising that mission by recently launching the Holvi Business Mastercard®.