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‘In future, we’ll issue our own cards’ – Holvi co-founder Tuomas Toivonen lays out plans for new card features

Holvi Mastercard

Holvi news | 27/08/20 11:04

It’s official: the Holvi card is taking a new direction – Holvi Business Mastercard® 2.0. We haven’t yet mapped out all the finer details, but to keep you informed we’re sharing our plans to date.

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Discover Holvi’s brand and product redesign

rigid squiggly line on blue background

Holvi news | 17/08/20 14:00

Each day we do a bit more to simplify life for the self-employed. A big part of this is improving our product. Here are the latest updates set for release in 2020.

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Always curious? Sign up to Holvi’s blog for makers and doers.

Holvi is leaving the UK – when and why?

geometric coiled lines

Holvi news | 12/08/20 11:02

Yes, you read correctly. We will officially be leaving the UK on 31 October 2020. As you might imagine, this was not an easy decision to make. But we believe in open communication and sharing information as soon as possible, so we’ve already sent an email to our UK customers. This post is to explain our decision in a bit more detail.

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Introducing Holvi’s new pricing plans

Introducing Holvi's new pricing plans

Holvi news, Holvi-centric | 27/02/20 10:00

It’s a new year – okay, so February is nearly over, does it still count? – and here at Holvi we’re rolling out our updated pricing plans. We know this is a topic that concerns all Holvi users, both present and future, so we’re here to walk you through the changes: what’s happening, why, and how your business will be affected.

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Why does Holvi sometimes have to block accounts?


Holvi news, Holvi-centric | 29/11/19 08:53

From time to time, our customers reach out to us on social media asking why their account has been blocked. We're subject to strict regulations that may require us to take action due to security reasons, or if we suspect any suspicious activity. This is standard across all payment institutions and traditional banks. For the sake of transparency and to dispel rumours, we’re outlining here the reasons behind account suspension.

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Avoid bookkeeping debt with Holvi mobile


Holvi news, Holvi-centric, Bookkeeping for small businesses | 17/01/18 12:45

All entrepreneurs are familiar with prioritisation – we all make decisions, big and small, every day. As it is not always an immediate necessity, bookkeeping is often put off until the last minute – namely, the tax deadline. And as many experienced business owners know, these tax deadlines are also often flexible.

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Send e-invoices effortlessly with Holvi!


How to use Holvi, Holvi news, Holvi-centric | 21/09/17 14:35

We are happy to introduce new a highly anticipated feature in Holvi: sending e-invoices!

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Holvi’s new visual identity is all about passion

How to use Holvi, Holvi news, Holvi-centric | 07/06/17 14:31

Holvi is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. This gives us unique insights into the challenges small businesses have – and their potential. We aim to help entrepreneurs on their path to success by simplifying what is complex and giving them more time to focus on their passion.  

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Finnish FinTech goes Germany


How to use Holvi, Holvi news, Holvi-centric | 05/01/17 07:44

Helsinki-based Holvi, established in 2011, has devised a new kind of business current account as an alternative to the products of traditional banks. Holvi combines every business management tool an entrepreneur needs, and in combination with the Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard® card offers a completely paper-free solution to the monthly bookkeeping.

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Introducing the Holvi Business Mastercard designed for entrepreneurs

How to use Holvi, Holvi news, Holvi-centric, Business Mastercard | 30/06/16 16:06

From the onset, Holvi has been guided by a mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to manage their finances in a more efficient and cost effective way. We’re proud to have made a significant step toward realising that mission by recently launching the Holvi Business Mastercard®.

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