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Finnish FinTech goes Germany


Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends, How to use Holvi, For Holvi entrepreneurs | 05/01/17 07:44

Helsinki-based Holvi, established in 2011, has devised a new kind of business current account as an alternative to the products of traditional banks. Holvi combines every business management tool an entrepreneur needs, and in combination with the Holvi Business Prepaid Mastercard® card offers a completely paper-free solution to the monthly bookkeeping.

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Fintech Q&A with Farooq Abbasi of Mosaic Ventures

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends | 10/08/16 13:51

We’ve caught up with Farooq Abbasi, Associate Partner with Mosaic Ventures, a new London-based venture capital firm focused on Series A investments. With a handful of those in fintech - ranging from blockchain technology (Blockchain and Blockstream) to insurance (Guevara) and mortgage broking (Habito) - we sat down with Farooq to talk about the outlook, the implications of Brexit for fintech startups, and what Mosaic looks for in founders?

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The banks are offering solutions to the problems of yesterday

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends | 20/07/16 08:22

This guest post is written by Perttu Jalkanen. He is a co-founder of AREX with a 15 year experience in developing FinTech business and in sales. He was the Head of Global Alliances at Wall Street Systems and at Trema, and had a major role in building the e-invoicing service Maventa, which quickly amassed 20000 corporate clients and processed e-invoices worth of billions on a yearly basis.

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Business banking built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends, Tips for small businesses | 16/06/16 10:49

The financial sector has been in a state of stagnation for a while now, unable to adjust itself to the digital age and provide services that actually create value for its customers. Entrepreneurs often get the feeling that banks are in fact working against them by increasing the amount of red tape instead of helping to run their business. Traditional banks haven’t felt the pressure to start catering to the needs of entrepreneurs. That is one of the reasons why Holvi exists. Holvi is a digital banking service, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that makes running your business’s finances effortless. Holvi provides its customers with a digital business current account that integrates paperless bookkeeping and powerful business apps. Holvi was designed to help small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed to maintain control over their business finances and get rid of the monthly receipt hunt.

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Holvi joins BBVA family of businesses

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends, Holvi news, For Holvi entrepreneurs | 07/03/16 12:03

We started Holvi to help entrepreneurs and business owners to better manage their finances. To show them that financial transactions can be presented in a simple, human-readable format. That it can be easy to understand and manage your company’s finances and it can be something that you actually look forward to. And we’re still on the same path.

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The rise of digital alternatives to business banking

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends, Tips for small businesses | 21/12/15 14:43

Choosing a business bank account is an important decision for any entrepreneur and business owner. For a very long time, high street banks used to be the only way to get a current account for small business. However, since the European Union’s Payment Services Directive came into force in 2009, the regulators have opened up the payment services industry to new entrants — digital startups.

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From branding to customer acquisition in fintech (3/3)

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends | 31/10/15 11:34

How to build a fintech brand from scratch, part 3. Take a look at the first part here and the second part here.

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5 marketing assumptions that don't apply to fintech (2/3)

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends | 21/10/15 12:22

How to build a fintech brand from scratch, part 2. Take a look at the first part here.

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How to build a fintech brand from scratch (1/3)

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends | 15/10/15 13:39

Hello Maker and Doer! Nice to see you here. As you’ve found your way to our blog, you probably already know something about Holvi. In case you don’t, Holvi is banking built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It really is that simple. In this blog post, we’ll try to explain some useful fintech brand building lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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Holvi – The open banking ecosystem for small businesses

Entrepreneurship, Fintech trends | 03/03/15 16:41

2015 is the year of #fintech. Holvi was recently chosen as one of the game changers of the industry on the Fintech50 2015 list. It is always exciting for us to be acknowledged next to other brilliant fintech companies, all contributing to shaping the future of banking. So at this time, I would like to invite you to have a look behind the Holvi scenes and to hear our views on our bold undertaking.

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The next generation of business banking

Holvi is a business account designed and built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Holvi account has everything your business needs, in one easy to use solution. 

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  • Holvi Business Mastercard
  • Easier invoicing
  • Paperless bookkeeping

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