Cloud Services Bring Your Work Wherever You Go

Today’s guest blogger is Outi Lammi. She’s a trainer who has authored several books about IT and communications. Her company helps Finnish companies and communities to work smarter. As an entrepreneur she knows that the utilization of the correct tools is a vital part of doing business. In this blogpost she’ll write about the benefits of cloud services.

How to Take Great Product Photos

In our last blog post we told you about what makes a great product picture. Now it’s time to start doing! In this article we’ll go through the practicalities of product photography: getting the proper equipment and creating the set.

What Makes a Great Product Photo

Anyone can take product photos, but for a neophyte the process can be a bit daunting. But by doing things properly anyone of us can snap great product photos. Of course you can hire a professional photographer to do the pictures, but this is not always feasible. You might be in a situation where new products are being put up for sale at such a pace that you don’t have the time to have an outsider take the photos. Or you simply might be strapped for cash, which is often the case for an entrepreneur. Take note however, that one should often focus on core business and pay others for their services. Which makes more sense: to pay a professional a couple of hundred euros or spend an entire week to take the photos yourself?

How to Write Top-Notch Product Descriptions

This article will tell you how to write product descriptions for your online store. First we’ll go through the basics of product descriptions and marketing and then we’ll share with you 7 concrete actions or strategies of creating product descriptions. Each of these actions will be dissected in detail. We end by recapping the main features of the process.

Business Banking with Holvi - now smarter than ever!

Holvi is a digital current account for your business.
Combined with streamlined bookkeeping and powerful business apps.

4 Tips for an Entrepreneur on How to Save Money

An entrepreneur often operates with limited resources. Hence it is very useful to think about how to spend the money. In this post we'll go through a couple of tips on how an entrepreneur can save dough. The tips are:

Recruiting & Retention Specialist for the Future of Finance

Here’s to all the Makers and Doers out there. Our team is growing and we need a new person to join us and be our internal headhunter. We know that the world of HR is in constant change - that’s ok, so is the financial industry. Managing change and creating something new and unseen is what we do on a daily bases. Our journey goes back to 2011 when Holvi was started by a group of entrepreneurs.

Let Holvi Help You with Accounting!

One of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurship is the accounting that comes with it. Time spent on accounting is time that could have been spent on something productive, but wasn’t. On top of this (or because of this) accounting is an endless source of frustration and stress.

Lucas Zanotto - Maker and Doer behind Holvi's video

Here at Holvi we are very excited about our newly released product video that explains in a simple and fun way what problems we solve for small businesses. The Maker and Doer behind the video is the Helsinki-based designer, director and animator Lucas Zanotto. Even if you don't know him by name, you've probably seen his work, as he has created beautiful advertising videos for the likes of Google and Amazon. Playful animation style is what Lucas is known for. He takes simple objects — like ping pong balls, notebooks or colourful pencils — and plays around with them in a very fun and unexpected way.

Fintech Q&A with Farooq Abbasi of Mosaic Ventures

We’ve caught up with Farooq Abbasi, Associate Partner with Mosaic Ventures, a new London-based venture capital firm focused on Series A investments. With a handful of those in fintech - ranging from blockchain technology (Blockchain and Blockstream) to insurance (Guevara) and mortgage broking (Habito) - we sat down with Farooq to talk about the outlook, the implications of Brexit for fintech startups, and what Mosaic looks for in founders?