May brings fresh changes here at Holvi. We've spent spring focusing our efforts on improving Holvi’s invoicing and bookkeeping tools. Here’s our monthly product update.

New invoicing KPIs – income overview FTW

What is an invoicing KPI? For those who don’t know...

KPI stands for key performance indicator: ‘a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving its business objectives.’ 

Your objective when it comes to invoicing is to get paid fast. So Holvi’s new invoicing KPIs show you exactly where your income is – at a glance. How much money is in:

  • Draft
  • Sent
  • Paid
  • Overdue

How is this helpful? If you have lots of income pending in overdue, it might make sense to update your payment terms. To combat those all-too-common late payment pains, you can tweak the personal message on your Holvi invoices. Lots of Holvi users use this space to add a late payment fee or note on late payment interest. After all, once you’ve done the work it’s time to collect.

You can find your invoicing KPIs at the top of the Invoices page.

Match and unmatch payments to invoices

Holvi simplifies all steps of the invoice journey – from drafting to sending, tracking, receiving payment and recording those payments in your books. That’s why we automatically match payments to invoices. But if an invoice is paid incorrectly, the connection breaks.

Did one of your payments take a wrong turn?

Don’t worry – our May update lets you manually match and unmatch misallocated payments in Holvi’s web app. Just click on the invoice, scroll to the Payment Matching section and match or unmatch the payment correctly. Boom. Connection re-established!

Categorise personal expenses – for 100% accurate books

So you made a business expense with your personal credit card? It happens. Holvi Pro and Zen now let you add outside transactions to your account using our ‘Add transaction’ feature. Find it under Bookkeeping in the main menu, and leave no transaction unrecorded.



What about Lite? May sees an update in how all Holvi users handle personal expenses. Now you can categorise Holvi transactions as personal expenses, thereby excluding them from your business’ accounts and making sure your books stay 100% accurate.

That Mubi subscription was for my own personal growth. I can’t claim back VAT.

You can manage your categories under Bookkeeping > Categories.


That’s all for this month’s update. Back to rapid product developments for us! Happy working, until next time!