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3 legal steps every UK sole trader must follow

3 legal steps UK sole traders must follow

Business tips, Starting your business | 31/01/20 12:10

Here are the 3 steps needed to legally work as a sole trader in the UK. 

(This post is short, because the process is easy. Let’s jump right in!)

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5 reasons to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur


Business tips, Starting your business | 28/11/18 14:48

Nowadays, it’s easy to start your own business and make a living on your own terms. No wonder entrepreneurship attracts more and more people. Many simply turn their hobby into a business or sell their expertise as a side job, often as a sole trader. A typical micro-entrepreneur or freelancer checks the following boxes:

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Find your passion, and start a business from home


Business tips, Starting your business | 25/09/18 07:49

Do you have a passion or a hobby that you could develop into a business? Or do you have a special talent that could bring joy to others? Maybe it never occurred to you, but people might be willing to pay for your special skills.

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How to turn your passion into a business


Business tips, Starting your business | 22/08/18 13:25

Dreaming of starting your own business? Many of us do, but taking the first steps to make this dream a reality can be difficult and a bit terrifying. Oftentimes when the moment and opportunity arrives, we back out in favor of preserving the status quo.

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Heartful Yoga – Yoga wisdom for your everyday life


Business tips, Holvi-centric, Who is Holvi, Starting your business | 09/02/17 09:30

"The object of yoga is to add vitality to your life, not to consume it."

Kaisa Kärkkäinen radiates warmth in front of her yoga retreat students in Scopello, Sicily. The blue sea glistens in front of the yogis and the hot breeze caresses the skin. The atmosphere is both liberating and empowering – for those used to living an exhausting life jam-packed with stress and obligations the experience can be revolutionary.

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Fruitkit – the need for better fruit

Business tips, Holvi-centric, Who is Holvi, Starting your business | 26/01/17 07:57

In our Makers and Doers stories, we introduce entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s and other Holvi customers. This time we met with Fruitkit, a Helsinki based company which delivers the best fresh fruits direct to their customers’ doorsteps. Wait...what? Fresh fruit in Helsinki?

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Udumbara – Excellence from Natural Clay


Business tips, Holvi-centric, Who is Holvi, Starting your business | 03/01/17 10:31

After seeing the assembly lines of China, Eva Spoof returned to Finland and started making ceramics from Finnish wild clay. Now Eva is a part-time entrepreneur in Kallio, Helsinki, where her company Udumbara sells pottery for everyday use.

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3 reasons to go from sole trader to limited company

Business tips, Starting your business | 11/12/15 12:46

The world of work is changing. More and more people are realising that working for themselves can be as easy as - and a lot more rewarding than - working for someone else. In fact, research from Millennial Branding shows that "owner" is now the fifth most popular job title among people under 30. 

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Creative way to get money for your small business without going to the bank

Business tips, Starting your business | 27/02/15 12:24

Banks used to be the place to go if you needed to borrow money to fund the growth of your small business. Banks have high rates for borrowers, cumbersome application process and they are not that eager to provide credit to entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses. Luckily, today banks are not the only way to get financing – online peer-to-peer lending is the new kid on the block that has grown big within the recent years.

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