Creative way to get money for your small business without going to the bank

Banks used to be the place to go if you needed to borrow money to fund the growth of your small business. Banks have high rates for borrowers, cumbersome application process and they are not that eager to provide credit to entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses. Luckily, today banks are not the only way to get financing – online peer-to-peer lending is the new kid on the block that has grown big within the recent years.

Starting a business in the UK? This will save you time and money

Our Be your own boss series continues its voyage across Europe for another brief instalment. This time, we want to provide you with some great references that will set you well on your way to opening up a business in Her Majesty's land.

So, you want to be a maker and doer. Now what?

Over the last two weeks, we have been covering the first few, basic steps you can take in Ireland and Finland to open up your own business and start making and doing (we hope to expand this series to other countries soon!).