You’ve been here before, but… something’s changed.

Our old blog is emerging from its cocoon in a new-formed, evolved identity: introducing Workaround, for the boldly self-employed. 

Don’t be thrown off by the new look, it’s still the same Holvians you know and love dishing out wisdom. We’ve simply freshened things up to align with our new identity and bring you more helpful tips, more profound inspiration and sharper news – straight from the heart of Holvi.

A fresh twist of life

Workaround takes our old blog and adds a new lifestyle twist. Our aim? A more human approach to supporting your business. After all, for self-employed people like you, work and life are eternally entwined. Besides… 

You’re daring, aren’t you? There’s so much beneath the surface of you. 

Your life as a business owner is about more than just work. Of course, work is important and it forms a central part of who you are. But it’s not everything

That’s why Workaround exists: to cover previously untouched ground and look at the deeper, more ‘out there’ parts of self-employment – from top-secret tips on dealing with German bureaucracy, to exploring the darker side of passion, to sharing insights on how to find work life balance.

We’re filling each article to the brim with stories and insights that you’ll want to read.

Work and life: two sides of the same coin

Our mission is to make running your business as easy as possible. By simplifying work life, Workaround helps you find balance and enjoy the other joys life has to offer. Remember those?

The way we see it, work and life are two sides of the same self-employment coin. And at Holvi, we’re experts in coin – metaphorically speaking, of course, we rep cashless. Workaround covers both by:

  1. Making it easier to run your business with practical tips (in plain language, no accounting jargon) 
  2. Digging into the heart of self-employment and sharing real life stories from other business owners
  3. Exploring the more lifestyle parts of business ownership and freelancing. It’s not always just about work and money, sometimes it’s podcasts and Netflix!

Why Workaround

Well, it’s partly about work, for one thing. But Workaround is more than just an easy pun.

We all know what a workaround is: a hack or fix to deal with a challenge.


When you can’t get rid of a challenge completely (like a pandemic, for example), you’ve got to find ways to effectively work around it

That’s where Workaround comes in: your hub for finding workable solutions to the myriad daily challenges of self-employment – and getting inspired in the meantime. After all… 

Isn’t that what the life of the self-employed so often is? Creativity, problem solving and everyday little workarounds. Now we make it fun!

Find your Workaround

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