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Holvi news · 17/08/20 14:00 · Thomas Schex

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Each day we do a bit more to simplify life for the self-employed. A big part of this is improving our product. Here are the latest updates set for release in 2020.

Have you seen Holvi’s new look?

We have a new website! This is the latest milestone, but there’s a lot more behind it – we’ve completely redesigned our brand identity, while still keeping it wonderfully Holvi.

Our fresh look balances order and simplicity with play, and places our customers’ inspirational business stories at the heart of our brand. For good reason, too! You’ve probably heard us say it before, but you’re the ones who make life interesting. From kombucha startups to freelance dietitians, without your businesses we wouldn’t be here doing what we do best – so we’re putting you front and centre.

Look out for splashes of new colour and beautiful pictograms (a fancy design word for icons) across all channels.

‘We want our brand to express Holvi’s personality: simple, reliable and – above all – personal.’ – Antti-Jussi Suominen, Holvi CEO


Behind the scenes, we’re always working on new ways to improve the Holvi product. Check out these top 3 innovations still to come in 2020.

1. An even clearer Holvi account

We’re giving our app a visual overhaul in line with the new brand. Updates to navigation based on user experience data and a modern interface mean you’ll find it easier to get the most out of Holvi. Sleek and functional – that’s Holvi 2020.


2. A new accounting service

For anyone missing the time or motivation to do accounting and tax returns, we’re offering a new service in Finland and Germany. Now you can pass the burden of taxes off to a certified accountant.

Everything is integrated in your Holvi account. All you need to do is run your business as usual through Holvi, and when it comes time for taxes just sit back and relax – we’ll take care of your bookkeeping and VAT return.


3. Support for Google Pay and Apple Pay

At the top of our to-do list is future-proofing the Holvi Business Mastercard®. A function we’re especially excited about is the arrival of our virtual cards. This means you’ll no longer be bound by a physical payment card. It’s convenient and practical – plus the digitalised card can be stored in Apple Pay and Google Pay.


What innovations would you like to see next?

We love hearing your suggestions for new features. It helps us make Holvi better. You can submit your suggestions directly on our product board – a virtual canvas for creative ideas. You can also see what features other Holvi users want, and what we’re currently working on. We look forward to your input!

Oh, and we’re working on a new blog too! Stay tuned.

Holvi is a full suite of tools – from business banking, to invoicing, to bookkeeping and taxes. We’ve lived and learned the entrepreneur life. Now we’re here to simplify yours. If you’re not already with us, explore Holvi today and find out how to simplify work life.

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