Nowadays, it’s easy to start your own business and make a living on your own terms. No wonder entrepreneurship attracts more and more people. Many simply turn their hobby into a business or sell their expertise as a side job, often as a sole trader. A typical micro-entrepreneur or freelancer checks the following boxes:

  • They want to be their own boss

  • Comfortable taking decisions

  • Values independence

  • Enthusiastic about their work

  • Have a special hobby or talent

  • Specialized expertise

  • Values freedom of working methods, workplace and schedules

  • Willing to give their best for their customers

Recognise yourself in any of the above? Then read our five reasons that are favour of you starting your own business.


1. Freedom

Freedom is often the biggest factor that favours entrepreneurship. The majority of freelancers give this as the top reason in the decision making behind becoming self-employed.

As a micro-entrepreneur, you have the freedom to make your own professional choices; You work on projects and tasks that you’re passionate about, you’re not dependent on an employer to give you tasks or instructions – after all, you’re your own boss and you can choose your projects and focus areas yourself.


2. Independence

At first, this reads similar to freedom, but goes one step further. Micro-entrepreneurs and freelancers enjoy a high degree of autonomy when it comes to working style, hours and location. Of course, you have to meet the expectations of different stakeholders and your clients, but you can do it in the way that suits you best. As long as you deliver projects on time, you make the rules on how to do so.


3. Work-life balance

Work life balance is a bit of a double edged sword. While you can determine when and where you work, you can also choose the workload yourself and are not tied to rigid structures. This allows you to plan your work to leave more time for your private life – not the other way around, giving you a better work-life balance that’s tailored to you. On the other side, remembering to take a step back and switch off is another challenge within entrepreneurship, and it is important to learn to separate work-time from me-time. The good thing is that this is up to you!


4. Lifelong learning

Since you are your own boss, you also take responsibility and ownership of your personal development and training. When you acquire new knowledge, you can usually implement it directly in your work (and get paid more for it!).

Learning doesn’t stop there - as you are responsible for all areas of your company, you will inevitably learn many additional skills on top of your main area of expertise. After a year of running your own business you might be quite the bookkeeping and taxation wizard.


5. Control

Taking full responsibility for your economic decisions can be stressful, but when you run your own business, you’re always in control – and this is a good thing! You can execute your vision without having to ask permission from your manager and you get to dictate the pace at which you work, the development of your business and the risks you’re willing to take. And there’s no greater reward than seeing the results firsthand.


Next stop: entrepreneurship

The list of reasons to choose entrepreneurship could go on and on. Naturally, the listed reasons always have another side. With freedom comes responsibility, and being your own boss means also setting your own boundaries. The important thing is to consider the advantages and disadvantages and understand what matters most to you.

If you’re ready to taste the freedom of entrepreneurship, you can read more on how to get started, from the comfort of your own home.

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