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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Selling With Purpose

This is a guest blog post by Kayleigh Toyra. Kayleigh is a British/Finnish copywriter and an entrepreneur living in Bristol, UK. Her search marketing agency Seeker Digital empowers businesses to be heard.

How To Nail Video Marketing in 5 Steps

Today’s guest blogger is Aleksandra Bodekhina. She is a young forward-looking explorer with 5 years of international experience and passion for developing great ideas. Aleksandra has been helping European businesses establish their digital presence since 2012. She is currently running marketing for a young Finnish startup Shuut - a handy mobile app for corporate video advertising on social media. 

The Home Office Essentials You Need for Freelancing Success

This is a guest blog post by Rebekah Carter at Broadband Genie, an independent site providing consumers and businesses with practical help, advice and price comparison for home broadband, mobile broadband, phones, TV services and mobile accessories.

7 Tips to Get Started with SEO

This is a guest blog post by Erwan Derlyn, Head of Organic Acquisition at iZettle. For more smart hacks to help you start, run, and grow your business, follow the iZettle Business Hacks.

3 Reasons to Go from Sole Trader to Limited Company

This post is written by our guest blogger John Hills, the UK marketing manager of Zervant – providers of online invoicing software for over 70,000 sole traders and small business owners. 

8 Reasons Why Every Small Business Should Be Blogging. Yes, Everyone!

We seem to have forgotten what a powerful marketing channel blogging is. That is especially strange among small business owners – it is totally free and can have a huge impact on your business.