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Fintech: technology made in Austria

fintech, Fintech Trends, MakerAndDoers, startups | 25/10/15 06:17

FinTech made in Austria is booming! Even Super-Investor Gil Penchina confirmed:

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STARTUS – Matchmaking for Startups

Holvi yrittäjille, Selbstständigkeit, Europe, job-seekers, matchmaking, startups | 20/01/15 11:56

Meet STARTUS, the professional network that aims to connect the startup community in Europe.

Running a startup is not an ordinary job, especially in the early days things can go terribly wrong if you don’t find the right people to join your team. STARTUS is a community, a matchmaking service for founders and a job-seeking platform all in one that aims to connect the startup workforce in Europe. STARTUS connects entrepreneurs showcasing their business ideas with the people who look for job opportunities in innovative companies. Also it allows startups to present their ideas and expand their entrepreneurial network.

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Slush: The Event for Makers and Doers

Holvi yrittäjille, conference, slush, startups | 26/11/14 17:49

Hi y'all! Last week Holvi and over 1300 startups from all over the world attended Slush – the two-day technology and startup conference held in Helsinki. And, boy, was it the event to remember! Now, as we have fully recovered from the Slush lag, we want to share with you our experience from this must-attend Nordic conference and the story of Slush and Holvi working together since 2011.

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These startups may change your life (really). Our top-10 watch list for Pioneers Festival

Holvi yrittäjille, AR, Fintech Trends, health, Small Business Tips, startups, Tech | 23/10/14 19:33

Pioneers Festival kicks off next week in Vienna, Austria and, like the event veterans we are - the Holvi team have decided to take it upon ourselves to bring you the ultimate top-10 list for those of you at the event.

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Starting a business in the UK? This will save you time and money

bureaucracy, Entrepreneurship, government, Small Business Tips, startups, technology | 03/10/14 13:26

Our Be your own boss series continues its voyage across Europe for another brief instalment. This time, we want to provide you with some great references that will set you well on your way to opening up a business in Her Majesty's land.

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