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What Makes a Great Product Photo


Small Business Tips | 04/10/16 07:42

Anyone can take product photos, but for a neophyte the process can be a bit daunting. But by doing things properly anyone of us can snap great product photos. Of course you can hire a professional photographer to do the pictures, but this is not always feasible. You might be in a situation where new products are being put up for sale at such a pace that you don’t have the time to have an outsider take the photos. Or you simply might be strapped for cash, which is often the case for an entrepreneur. Take note however, that one should often focus on core business and pay others for their services. Which makes more sense: to pay a professional a couple of hundred euros or spend an entire week to take the photos yourself?

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How to Write Top-Notch Product Descriptions

Small Business Tips | 26/09/16 20:02

This article will tell you how to write product descriptions for your online store. First we’ll go through the basics of product descriptions and marketing and then we’ll share with you 7 concrete actions or strategies of creating product descriptions. Each of these actions will be dissected in detail. We end by recapping the main features of the process.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

4 Tips for an Entrepreneur on How to Save Money


Small Business Tips | 04/09/16 14:08

An entrepreneur often operates with limited resources. Hence it is very useful to think about how to spend the money. In this post we'll go through a couple of tips on how an entrepreneur can save dough.

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Entrepreneurship? Holvi will make it a breeze!


Small Business Tips | 09/08/16 14:07

Holvi, founded in Helsinki in 2011, is banking for Makers and Doers – built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It's a business account combined with Holvi Business Mastercard® card and the tools to grow your business. Read brief intros of some of our customers and how Holvi benefits their business!

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The Home Office Essentials You Need for Freelancing Success

Small Business Tips | 28/06/16 07:34

This is a guest blog post by Rebekah Carter at Broadband Genie, an independent site providing consumers and businesses with practical help, advice and price comparison for home broadband, mobile broadband, phones, TV services and mobile accessories.

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Business banking built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Fintech Trends, Small Business Tips | 16/06/16 10:49

The financial sector has been in a state of stagnation for a while now, unable to adjust itself to the digital age and provide services that actually create value for its customers. Entrepreneurs often get the feeling that banks are in fact working against them by increasing the amount of red tape instead of helping to run their business. Traditional banks haven’t felt the pressure to start catering to the needs of entrepreneurs. That is one of the reasons why Holvi exists. Holvi is a digital banking service, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that makes running your business’s finances effortless. Holvi provides its customers with a digital business current account that integrates paperless bookkeeping and powerful business apps. Holvi was designed to help small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed to maintain control over their business finances and get rid of the monthly receipt hunt.

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Entrepreneur, even if you get hit you must sell

Small Business Tips | 19/05/16 15:07

According to an old belief, the Finns don't know how to sell. The belief has remained strong. For example a study by the Association for Finnish Work says that 45 percent of Finns agree or somewhat agree with the statement: "Finnish don't know how to sell".

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Do your own thing – what's it like to be a creative entrepreneur?

Small Business Tips | 08/04/16 12:51

I attended Creative Lab’s event that focused on inspirational stories about creativity. There were well known Finnish names like Hjallis Harkimo, Minna Parikka, Olli Saarela and André Noël Chaker. What struck me most was that all the speakers at the event about creativity were entrepreneurs or freelancers. And it hit me — creative people who want to do their own thing often become entrepreneurs!

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7 Tips to Get Started with SEO

Small Business Tips | 15/02/16 13:21

This is a guest blog post by Erwan Derlyn, Head of Organic Acquisition at iZettle. For more smart hacks to help you start, run, and grow your business, follow the iZettle Business Hacks.

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Facebook advertising 101 for your small business: How to get started

Small Business Tips | 09/02/16 14:57

If you’re still doubting whether Facebook advertising works, let us reassure you that if done right Facebook ads can be a powerful source of new customers for your small business. And the best news is, you don’t need big budgets to get involved. You can start small, test it out, and then scale up when you’re ready.

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