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4 Tips for an Entrepreneur on How to Save Money


Small Business Tips | 04/09/16 14:08

An entrepreneur often operates with limited resources. Hence it is very useful to think about how to spend the money. In this post we'll go through a couple of tips on how an entrepreneur can save dough.

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Business banking built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs


Fintech Trends, Small Business Tips | 16/06/16 10:49

The financial sector has been in a state of stagnation for a while now, unable to adjust itself to the digital age and provide services that actually create value for its customers. Entrepreneurs often get the feeling that banks are in fact working against them by increasing the amount of red tape instead of helping to run their business. Traditional banks haven’t felt the pressure to start catering to the needs of entrepreneurs. That is one of the reasons why Holvi exists. Holvi is a digital banking service, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that makes running your business’s finances effortless. Holvi provides its customers with a digital business current account that integrates paperless bookkeeping and powerful business apps. Holvi was designed to help small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed to maintain control over their business finances and get rid of the monthly receipt hunt.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Do your own thing – what's it like to be a creative entrepreneur?

Small Business Tips | 08/04/16 12:51

I attended Creative Lab’s event that focused on inspirational stories about creativity. There were well known Finnish names like Hjallis Harkimo, Minna Parikka, Olli Saarela and André Noël Chaker. What struck me most was that all the speakers at the event about creativity were entrepreneurs or freelancers. And it hit me — creative people who want to do their own thing often become entrepreneurs!

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The rise of digital alternatives to business banking

Fintech Trends, Small Business Tips | 21/12/15 14:43

Choosing a business bank account is an important decision for any entrepreneur and business owner. For a very long time, high street banks used to be the only way to get a current account for small business. However, since the European Union’s Payment Services Directive came into force in 2009, the regulators have opened up the payment services industry to new entrants — digital startups.

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3 Reasons to Go from Sole Trader to Limited Company

Small Business Tips | 11/12/15 12:46

The world of work is changing. More and more people are realising that working for themselves can be as easy as - and a lot more rewarding than - working for someone else. In fact, research from Millennial Branding shows that "owner" is now the fifth most popular job title among people under 30. 

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5 tips to keep your accountant happy and your business finances healthy

Small Business Tips | 18/09/15 18:39

Having a good relationship with your accountant is one of the most important assets to your business. If you make your accountant’s job as easy and smooth as possible, she will be able to support the financial health of your business and help you grow.

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Embed your Holvi online store into external pages with iframe

How to use Holvi, Small Business Tips | 20/08/15 12:15

You asked for it and we finally had the time to make it happen. Last week we were happy to bring our team together in Helsinki and had a great hackathon figuring out useful new features to help you get better use of Holvi. Now it is time to introduce you to our latest new feature to help you promote your Holvi online shop and make it available to your audiences on all channels. Here we go!

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The best online learning sites every entrepreneur should know about

Small Business Tips | 11/06/15 14:09

As the internet has dismantled the traditional barriers to learning, there has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur – anyone can learn any skills they need for starting, running and growing a business. Being an entrepreneur means you have to wear a lot of hats, so you might need various skills along the way. Luckily, today we live in the world where everyone has access to learning online whatever they set their minds to.

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Creative way to get money for your small business without going to the bank

Entrepreneurship, Fintech Trends, peer-to-peer lending, small business, Small Business Tips, sole trader | 27/02/15 12:24

Banks used to be the place to go if you needed to borrow money to fund the growth of your small business. Banks have high rates for borrowers, cumbersome application process and they are not that eager to provide credit to entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses. Luckily, today banks are not the only way to get financing – online peer-to-peer lending is the new kid on the block that has grown big within the recent years.

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The next generation of business banking

Holvi is a business account designed and built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Holvi account has everything your business needs, in one easy to use solution. 

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  • Holvi Business Mastercard
  • Easier invoicing
  • Paperless bookkeeping

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