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The busiest hours for small businesses (in different countries)


Off topic | 02/03/17 15:54

This is a guest blog post by iZettle.

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For those who like to spend less time with bookkeeping and more time in the sun!

Off topic | 05/08/16 09:40

Hello Makers and Doers!

We have plenty of good news for those who like to spend less time with bookkeeping and more time in the sun!

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Doing what you want to do vs. doing what you have to

Off topic | 19/12/14 17:34

A story about time and how you spend it

Being a business owner has two sides – working with what you want to and the opposite, taking care of everything else needed to be done to run your business. One of the biggest challenges is how to reduce time on what naturally comes when running a business – taking care of administration – so that you can get more time to do what you’re passionate about.

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What would you do if you followed your dreams?

Off topic | 24/11/14 14:46

We all dream of what we would do if we were just given the chance. The only problem is that nobody gives you these chances, you just have to create them all by yourself. Don’t fall into despair - thanks to groundbreaking technology, human creativity and new bold ideas transforming your dream into a reality is now easier than ever before.

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Holvi & StartUp Weekend: Day 2

Off topic | 23/11/14 16:31

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Holvi & StartUp Weekend: Day 1

Off topic | 22/11/14 01:21

Hi guys,

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Going to Slush? Be sure to follow Holvi throughout the event!

News and Announcements, Off topic | 17/11/14 14:49

Hello Holvinites,

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Holvi makes show of force at Web Summit

How to use Holvi, Off topic, Small Business Tips | 03/11/14 11:21

Hello Holvinites,

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The cheque that travelled around the world: A tale of lust, money and football...

Off topic | 28/10/14 12:17

Note to the reader: This post is about a personal story involving the current state of finance in the world, and its unsuitability to a modern lifestyle. Hence the first-person perspective. It might come in VERY handy if you're a J1 visa holder returning to your home country.

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Q&A with our new Growth team member: Stefan Krafft

News and Announcements, Off topic | 24/10/14 12:29

Holvi keeps on growing.

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