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Tracking your spending with Holvi in 3 simple steps

expenses, finances, How to use Holvi, small business, Small Business Tips | 25/03/15 13:19

As an entrepreneur, you want to be fully aware of where your money goes every month. It’s important for your business’ bottom line and gives you a full control of the financial situation. Often small business owners have the same account for both business and personal use. You’ll be surprised how enlightening it can be when you are fully aware of your spending habits so that you can take action to improve them.

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6 ideas to cut costs for your small business

cutting costs, How to use Holvi, small business, small business finances, Small Business Tips, tools for small business | 13/03/15 14:57

In case you have forgotten the value of a hard-earned penny we have put together a list of ideas to help your small business cut down on costs.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

We did something a traditional bank would never do. Our customers can export financial reports to Dropbox.

Fintech Trends, How to use Holvi | 05/03/15 17:37

Does your banking service allow you to export your financial documents into your Dropbox? With the Holvi current account, you can!

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Holvi Front End Update Part II Or a Slice of Swiss Cheese

How to use Holvi | 12/02/15 12:23

In the previous post on this series we explained the reasons why at Holvi we made the decision to replace our front end application with a renewed version of it as we chose to get rid of the old version and start from scratch. In this post we will walk through the making of the new application and how we managed to finish it on a tight schedule.

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6 ways to reinvent your work for boosting creativity and efficiency

How to use Holvi, Small Business Tips | 30/01/15 17:53

Getting stuck in the old ways of working can be damaging for the outcome of your work. Therefore we all sometimes need to take a step back and evaluate how we work. It's a good idea to try out new routines every once in a while to get more done. Just as we search for improvements in the internal processes in companies, we have to improve ourselves just as much.

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How Small Business Marketers Can Outcompete Bigger Brands

How to use Holvi, Small Business Tips | 29/01/15 13:34

A connected society, new technology and a rebirth of small business marketing changes the rules.

There is no doubt marketing has totally changed within the last decades and keeps on evolving faster than ever before. Once upon a time marketers used to decide on which adjectives to use for describing a service or product and then screamed it out as loud as possible for as long as they could afford to reach what they used to call target groups. It wasn't that many years ago and we still see a lot of it mostly from big consumer brands.

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Grow your Small Business by doing less!

growth, How to use Holvi, small business, small business administration, Small Business Tips | 22/01/15 10:00

As a small business owner you always have your business in mind, it is part of who you are and it is for a reason. (Related: 40 million SMB;s create the future Growth in Europe) Every single day and sometimes during sleepless nights, you are committed to make the very best out of it. Sometimes it can be very frustrating, but it's also very rewarding to see your business evolve and grow. What's the formula to create growth then?

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A slice of Swiss cheese – biggest technology update at Holvi (Part I)

How to use Holvi | 04/12/14 13:36

Our developer team has recently made massive updates to the technology behind the Holvi user accounts in the continuous effort to improve our product. For users, this change is visible in the new look and feel of their accounts, but it mostly happened at the core of our application.

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Holvi makes show of force at Web Summit

How to use Holvi, Off topic, Small Business Tips | 03/11/14 12:21

Hello Holvinites,

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Current account that is not provided by a bank?

How to use Holvi | 23/10/14 13:35

Holvi is a radically new type of banking for Makers and Doers. Since Holvi is something that hasn't existed before, we're often asked what it actually is. Think of Holvi as your regular current account that does not merely list your transactions but has lots of useful additional features that together make it a comprehensive money management system. These features include invoicing, online store, expense claims and extensive reporting (for example, automatic VAT-balance!). But what does it mean that Holvi functions like a bank account?

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