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Creative Laboratory: unleashing people's creative potential

Entrepreneurship | 29/02/16 09:44

Oulu, a northern Finnish city and Nokia’s former tech hub, has gone through a major transformation in the past years: from the excruciating decline of the tech giant leaving thousands unemployed to becoming a thriving startup ecosystem. On our recent visit to Oulu we couldn’t help but notice how tight-knit and supportive the local entrepreneurial and creative community is. Martta Tervonen and Sami Mikkola belong to the millennial generation of Makers and Doers of Oulu, who value personal freedom and a strong sense of purpose in their work. Half a year ago they left their jobs at a software company to found Creative Laboratory (Luova Laboratorio in Finnish) to help more people and companies achieve their creative potential. The duo runs a co-creation space LABRA in Oulu and has just published their first book, for which they interviewed 16 most exciting creative voices in Finland to explore what creativity actually is. We sat down with Martta and Sami to discuss the power of creativity, doing what you love and finding your own path.

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Kalle Freese — entrepreneur passionate about coffee

Entrepreneurship | 06/01/16 18:00

Helsinki’s young and vibrant coffee culture has evolved rapidly in the last few years, and Kalle Freese is one of the key makers and doers behind this change. An entrepreneur passionate about coffee, Kalle is one of the World Top 10 Baristas 2015 and the Finnish Barista Champion 2013 & 2015. At the age of 21, he opened his first coffee shop in Helsinki on a street named after his 17th-century forefather, poet Jacob Freese. Today, his ambitions go far beyond running a small shop that serves delicious coffee. As Kalle also happens to be the Holvi customer, we couldn’t help but catch up with him for an interview to hear about his entrepreneurial story and his new coffee startup.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Makers and Doers Stories: Oded Peled Observing the World

Entrepreneurship | 24/11/15 20:04

Oded Peled has most probably touched most of our readers (night)life in one way or another. For 20 years he has been DJing and organising parties and has in many other ways contributed to the lively club scene of Finland. Oded’s love for DJing and bringing people together led him to start Misc Management in 1999, which he still runs together with his brother. Oded is also an avid traveller and has found a new passion in photography, which sparked an interesting collaborative project entitled 'Observe’. We sat down with him to learn more about it.

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Meet THE O: Never Lose or Forget Anything Again

Entrepreneurship | 08/09/15 16:04

In today’s Makers and Doers story, we shine a spotlight on the tech startup, and Holvi’s customer, that wants to help people never lose or forget important belongings again. The problem the founders of THE O are solving is easy to relate to — who hasn’t left a laptop charger in a cafe or forgotten an umbrella in the bus? Luckily, with THE O you don’t need to worry about forgetting your important belongings ever again.

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Lui's womenswear

Entrepreneurship | 28/08/15 13:20

Lui’s is a contemporary London based womenswear brand with styles that include everlasting luxury pieces that embody sophistication and innovation. If you are looking for stylish but practical women’s clothing, take a look at their designs and check out also their own Holvi-shop. Hear more about Lui's and see their collection below:

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Filmmaker and adventurer Tom Vaillant knows no borders and neither does Holvi

Entrepreneurship | 09/07/15 17:45

Tom Vaillant is not your average finance student. Following his two big passions of filmmaking and climbing, he set up his own film production company at the age of 19 to shoot his first documentary while climbing Mount Everest and dog sledding in the extreme low temperatures in the Arctic Circle. His stunningly beautiful film “Between snow and stars” tells the stories of six renowned mushers and climbers on their perilous adventures.

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Makers and Doers Stories: Finland's best street musician JPTH

Entrepreneurship | 02/07/15 13:31

It's not only through Spotify's recommendations that you can discover great new music. There are plenty of hidden gems on the street corners of your hometown. Today we shine a spotlight on Finland’s best street musician – JPTH. Juha Pekka Tapani Heikkinen (JPTH) writes and composes catchy fun songs that people simply love. He is also an actor, event host, public speaker, and entrepreneur. A skilful entertainer, JPTH knows a thing or two about how to grab the attention of his audience. We recently caught up with Juha to learn more about him, his music, his band and how he's using Holvi for his project.

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Makers and Doers Stories: Satu Yoga

Entrepreneurship | 22/05/15 10:20

Every now and then you meet people who truly love what they do and couldn't imagine doing anything else. It is not even what they do, it’s who they are. Chances are you can meet such people more often among entrepreneurs, as they are the ones pursuing their dreams and big passions. Satu Tuomela is certainly one of these people. She has been teaching yoga and pilates for 15 years now and, for her, yoga is not just a career path, lifestyle, or a passion – it’s her true self.

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Makers and Doers Stories: Emotion Tracker

Entrepreneurship | 17/05/15 21:16

We, humans, are all about emotions – happiness, excitement, anger, frustration – we experience various emotional states throughout a day. So why instead of embracing our genuine emotions, we have built a society and work cultures where showing your real emotions is perceived as weakness and lack of self-control?

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Makers and Doers Stories: Secret Synapse

Entrepreneurship | 07/05/15 17:59

The Helsinki-based design agency Secret Synapse doesn’t want to settle for anything less than becoming “the world’s most transparent company.” The co-founders Sid Kumpurinne, Pinja Heininen and Ilmari Mansikkamäki met while studying industrial design at Aalto University and decided to set up their own company in 2013. The team wanted to create a commercial business that would help fuel their non-profit company and enable them to apply their design know-how to social projects. That is why the founders wanted to be as transparent as possible about their finances right from the start.

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