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How to turn your passion into a business


Entrepreneurship, Digitalisation of entrepreneurship | 22/08/18 14:25

Dreaming of starting your own business? Many of us do, but taking the first steps to make this dream a reality can be difficult and a bit terrifying. Oftentimes when the moment and opportunity arrives, we back out in favor of preserving the status quo.

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Heartful Yoga - Yoga Wisdom for Your Everyday Life


Entrepreneurship | 09/02/17 10:30

"The object of yoga is to add vitality to your life, not to consume it."

Kaisa Kärkkäinen radiates warmth in front of her yoga retreat students in Scopello, Sicily. The blue sea glistens in front of the yogis and the hot breeze caresses the skin. The atmosphere is both liberating and empowering – for those used to living an exhausting life jam-packed with stress and obligations the experience can be revolutionary.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

Fruitkit – the need for better fruit

Entrepreneurship | 26/01/17 08:57

In our Makers and Doers stories, we introduce entrepreneurs, startups, SME’s and other Holvi customers. This time we met with Fruitkit, a Helsinki based company which delivers the best fresh fruits direct to their customers’ doorsteps. Wait...what? Fresh fruit in Helsinki?

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Karri Liikkanen - The Spokesperson of Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship | 09/01/17 08:39

Karri Liikkanen is a founding member of the production company Nowhere Boy and the chairman of Helsinki Think Company, the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki. He graduated as a Master of Social Sciences in 2015. In this article he’ll tell us about his encounters with the prime minister of Finland, about his company and why a current account offered by a traditional bank may be a bad solution for an entrepreneur.

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Udumbara – Excellence from Natural Clay


Entrepreneurship | 03/01/17 11:31

After seeing the assembly lines of China, Eva Spoof returned to Finland and started making ceramics from Finnish wild clay. Now Eva is a part-time entrepreneur in Kallio, Helsinki, where her company Udumbara sells pottery for everyday use.

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Lucas Zanotto - Maker and Doer behind Holvi's video

Entrepreneurship | 15/08/16 12:04

Here at Holvi we are very excited about our newly released product video that explains in a simple and fun way what problems we solve for small businesses. The Maker and Doer behind the video is the Helsinki-based designer, director and animator Lucas Zanotto. Even if you don't know him by name, you've probably seen his work, as he has created beautiful advertising videos for the likes of Google and Amazon. Playful animation style is what Lucas is known for. He takes simple objects — like ping pong balls, notebooks or colourful pencils — and plays around with them in a very fun and unexpected way.

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Don't work at a startup

Entrepreneurship | 31/05/16 15:22

With all the hype around tech startups, a lot of people want to jump on board with a hot startup to kick off their careers. But the real question is whether working in a startup is as fun and rewarding as many assume.

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Kuosit: Challenging conventions with colourful patterns

Entrepreneurship | 25/05/16 10:52

Every day we communicate who we are through our clothing. Consciously or not, we all are involved in one of the world’s biggest industries worth over $3 trillion annually — fashion. A Finnish design startup Kuosit has a mission that is as bold as their distinctive patterns. This young company wants to challenge the fashion industry and society’s conventions by celebrating diversity and freedom of self-expression in their colourful designs. We sat down with Kuosit’s co-founder Ksenia Voy Kheninen to talk about creativity, entrepreneurship and ethical apparel.

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Kaira Clothing - world's northernmost design

Entrepreneurship | 01/04/16 15:02

Kaira Clothing started in 2014 when three childhood friends Antti, Jussi and Sakari from the Arctic Circle wanted “to create honest and unique street fashion with a twist”. Their passion for the wild nature of Lapland and their unique clothing designs are just a few of the reasons why we love following the journey of these rough Finnish entrepreneurs.

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Creative Laboratory: unleashing people's creative potential

Entrepreneurship | 29/02/16 10:44

Oulu, a northern Finnish city and Nokia’s former tech hub, has gone through a major transformation in the past years: from the excruciating decline of the tech giant leaving thousands unemployed to becoming a thriving startup ecosystem. On our recent visit to Oulu we couldn’t help but notice how tight-knit and supportive the local entrepreneurial and creative community is. Martta Tervonen and Sami Mikkola belong to the millennial generation of Makers and Doers of Oulu, who value personal freedom and a strong sense of purpose in their work. Half a year ago they left their jobs at a software company to found Creative Laboratory (Luova Laboratorio in Finnish) to help more people and companies achieve their creative potential. The duo runs a co-creation space LABRA in Oulu and has just published their first book, for which they interviewed 16 most exciting creative voices in Finland to explore what creativity actually is. We sat down with Martta and Sami to discuss the power of creativity, doing what you love and finding your own path.

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