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The easy way to receive payments from your customers

How to use Holvi · 04/06/15 14:53 · Tuomas Toivonen

Last week we wrote a post about our work on the upcoming Holvi Business debit card. This week we’re happy to announce that we have introduced the better card payments for all merchants using Holvi online store. We have improved the payment experience for anyone purchasing online from a Holvi merchant and have added a lot of new ways to pay.

Accept card payments from your customers

We’ve always wanted to make it easy for our customers to accept payments online. When you open up a Holvi account, you not only get an instant current account but we also provide you with a merchant account for online payments. Your merchant account is directly linked to your Holvi online store so that you can instantly accept card payments from your customers.

Holvi works as an approved payment facilitator with both MasterCard and Visa. We can directly sponsor your card acceptance with these card brands with the single contract you have with Holvi. We have also now added the capability for you to accept other global card brands. For all Holvi merchants, we have now enabled Diners Club, Discover and JCB card payments. As with MasterCard and Visa, these are instantly available, with the same single contract.

New seamless checkout experience

A smooth payment experience is important for both you and your customer. With the support for new card brands, we’ve also  streamlined the online store checkout. Your customers can now fully complete their payment within the Holvi checkout – without leaving to an external payment processor. We want to make sure that all payment checkouts complete successfully. And, by the way, if you want to track your Holvi online store performance, you can add your own Google Analytics tracker (or Facebook pixel) in your store settings for full visibility.

And not only for card payments

When we started out with Holvi in our first pilot market in Finland, we made sure that our merchants can accept online banking payments from all the major banks present in the country. Your Holvi account includes payment acceptance from all the major banks in Finland.

For Germany and Austria, where we are now open for early access customers, we have added support for online banking payments. In Germany, you can receive payments with Giropay and Sofortüberweisung. In Austria, we support EPS and also Sofortüberweisung. With these methods, the Holvi merchants can receive online payments from all German and Austrian banks.

In the works for the future

We’re also working on more improvements and rolling them out to our customer as we go.

First, we’re making it easier for Holvi merchants to receive automated, recurring payments from their customers with card payments or direct debit. One click refunds are also planned.

Second, for customers who need to make payments from their Holvi account in other currencies than the euro, we are working to bring you cost efficient foreign exchange payments that you can send to receivers globally.

Last but not least, we have an integration interface (API) available (for select customers only at this point) for all these payment types.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Comment below, send email to support@holvi.com or tweet with #HolviBusiness.

P.S. I know this is quite disappointing for some of our current and potential customers, but Bitcoin is currently not something we are pursuing. You can read more about our views on Bitcoin in a recent post by our CEO, Johan Lorenzen.

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