Send e-invoices effortlessly with Holvi!


We are happy to introduce new a highly anticipated feature in Holvi: sending e-invoices!
Electronic billing is fast becoming a new invoicing standard in the Nordics, especially in Finland and Denmark. In the year 2016, 300 million e-invoices were sent in Finland. Other European countries also utilise electronic billing, and in the Benelux countries in particular the usage has grown significantly. Now you can also send e-invoices from Holvi just by adding the recipient’s e-invoicing address.

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In practical terms, an e-invoice is an electronic invoice that is sent in code form to the recipient. Because the invoice is usually in XML-format, which can’t be understood by humans, the recipient needs to have the technical means to receive the invoice. Many traditional banks accept e-invoices; there are also 3rd party service providers for e-invoicing capabilities. 

Electronic billing is particularly efficient and effective, as the code can be input directly to online banks and financial management systems. This way the small business owner does not need to deal paperwork or manually input the numbers. This way you can save time and effort, while making fewer mistakes. 

Join today’s entrepreneurs and start using e-invoicing! You can read more about the feature from our Help Centre. 

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