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Holvi yrittäjille · 16/08/16 13:45 · Nikolas Lempiäinen

Here’s to all the Makers and Doers out there. Our team is growing and we need a new person to join us and be our internal headhunter. We know that the world of HR is in constant change - that’s ok, so is the financial industry. Managing change and creating something new and unseen is what we do on a daily bases. Our journey goes back to 2011 when Holvi was started by a group of entrepreneurs.

We’ve come a long way ever since and today we stand tall with BBVA and are ready to take Holvi to the next level. But we need help! We need someone who understands that the best of strategies can only be executed by the best of teams. Someone who is passionate about Holvi and never misses a chance to meet new people. Maybe that someone is you?

5 things we are looking for in a Recruiting & Retention Specialist

1. Our company is built by our people. They are the heart of our business. As our Recruiting & Retention Specialist you know where to go and find the right people for the job. You know the local meetups, forums and social media channels where to find the best possible candidates for Holvi.

2. Our company culture is praised for its positive and solution oriented approach where even the toughest situations are always handled with care and human touch. You know how to cultivate this culture by organising internal meetings, parties, competitions, off sites and whatever it takes to make our team work even better together.

3. We’re all here to make Holvi a success. And you’re one of us. You get excited about growing our team, enjoy leading the selection process and take pride in creating a top notch recruitment experience for all our potential candidates.

4. You’re always there for your team. You will be part of our multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, marketers and lawyers who demand a lot but give a lot back in return. You share our vision about reshaping the future of finance.

5. We’re offering a job at a startup, not a position at a corporate HR unit. You are the department yourself. You are resourceful, independent and a self-starter. You create, launch and follow-up all our talent acquisition campaigns.

Does this sound like you? Read the full job description here and tell us about yourself. We’d love to get to know you!

For more info get in touch with our Head of Finance & Legal Luis Calleja: luis@holvi.com

Holvi has been voted as the hottest startup in Finland by Wired Magazine and stated as the next big thing to come out of Finland after Nokia by Forbes. In March 2016 we joined the BBVA global family of innovative fintech companies. We will continue to develop Holvi independently in Finland with the support of BBVA. Read the full story here.

We are recruiting more Makers and Doers for other positions too!


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