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Introducing Holvi app for iOS and Android

Holvi news, For Holvi entrepreneurs · 18/08/15 14:43 · Elena Zozulya

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From the beginning, Holvi set out to create an engaging and more personal way to manage business finances for the new generation of Makers and Doers — entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners. We designed desktop first to bring you many unique features that distinguish Holvi from a traditional bank account. The valuable feedback we received from our first customers during the pilot program has allowed us to develop the product to better serve the needs of digitally native Millennials. Within the last six months, we have shipped many new, highly requested features to our customers.

Today, we’re proud to announce the Holvi app on iOS and Android. Holvi is now more accessible than ever to anyone who wants to decide how, when and where they manage their business finances. You can use all Holvi features, such as payments out, online store, invoicing, expense claims and reports, straight from the app anytime anywhere. We hope the Holvi app is a natural extension of the experience you are familiar with on desktop.
Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40  android

Millennials have already changed the rules of the banking game, as they expect to be able to bank whenever and wherever they go. This resulted in a rapid growth of mobile banking within the last year: 800 million mobile users used their devices for banking purposes in 2014, according to the Juniper Research report. The same report predicts the number of mobile banking users will exceed 1.75 billion by 2019.

Screen-Shot-2016-07-10-at-16.29.06The industry is indeed going through the major shift and we at Holvi are working hard to make our vision of the open banking ecosystem a reality. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates, as we are having something big in the works for you.


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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

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