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The Home Office Essentials You Need for Freelancing Success

Small Business Tips · 28/06/2016, 07:34 · Guest Blogger

This is a guest blog post by Rebekah Carter at Broadband Genie, an independent site providing consumers and businesses with practical help, advice and price comparison for home broadband, mobile broadband, phones, TV services and mobile accessories.

Evolutions in technology have given us the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time we choose. Now, more people than ever are prizing the ability to choose freelancing or telecommuting careers, with an estimated 1.5 million workers based at home.

Of course, whether you work exclusively from your home, telecommute to your paid job, or own a home-based business, you're going to need a space that you can convert into a super-charged hub for productivity and success. Here’s how you can turn your spare room into an executive office.

1. Ultra-Fast, Reliable Broadband

Home offices rely upon a consistent internet connection if they hope to thrive. While a conventional broadband service might not offer dependable access to crucial business systems, or allow for effective communication through video conferencing and VoIP, superfast fibre broadband allows for efficiency improvements essential to productive online business endeavours. In other words, if you want your home office to work, don't skimp on the broadband.

2. Data Storage

All home workers have information that they need to protect - making data backup (both local and in the cloud) essential. While cloud storage can be convenient, it shouldn't be your only backup solution, as most experts recommend using at least two storage options at all times. Aside from online services, be sure to invest in a hard-drive that's capable of holding more data than you think you'll ever need.

3. Ergonomic Furniture

The desk and chair are some of the most frequently overlooked pieces of home office equipment. However, since you're going to spend a large portion of your day there, it's worth looking for pieces that support your body and use ergonomic design to improve your comfort, so you can stay at peak performance throughout the day. The same rule applies to keyboards and mice, too, as bad resources here can lead to hand/wrist strain, typos, and other problems.

4. A VoIP Phone Service

While some home offices use standard landlines and smartphones to connect with co-workers and clients, there is a less-expensive, and often more effective option. VoIP, or voice over internet protocol programs like Vonage and Skype can save huge amounts in the business budget when it comes to making long-distance and long-duration calls.

5. An All-In-One Device

Rather than clutter an office space with a printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner, many home officers are now opting for devices that combine all of these tools into one. Not only do these machines save plenty of space, but they can also save money when it comes to reducing the amount of electricity required to keep several objects charged and running at once.

6. A Universal Power Source

When the power goes out at home and you have to make sure your food doesn’t defrost, or reset your alarm clock, it’s an inconvenience. However, when you lose power and also lose the project you’ve been working on for the last several hours - it's a catastrophe. A universal power source is a great way to keep things running (just in case).

7. A Laptop Computer

Finally, even if you have a high-end desktop computer in your office, it's helpful to invest in a laptop too, particularly if you need to travel while completing work, or find yourself quickly going stir-crazy. A laptop can be fantastic when you need to visit somewhere new and clear the cobwebs - without compromising on productivity.

There's more to working from home than sitting in your PJs and having the freedom to be your own boss. While all home office setups are different, the one thing that they have in common is that they should always be geared up for distraction-free, and efficient, productivity.


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