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Holvi’s new visual identity is all about passion

How to use Holvi, Holvi news, Holvi-centric · 07/06/17 14:31 · Mikko Teerenhovi

Holvi is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. This gives us unique insights into the challenges small businesses have – and their potential. We aim to help entrepreneurs on their path to success by simplifying what is complex and giving them more time to focus on their passion.  

But that’s not enough for us; we also want to be the very best in what we do. Our code of practice: 

Be true to ourselves.
Be true to our customers.
Bring a human touch to business financial management.

We follow this code of practice with passion and professionalism – the passion to innovate, take on new challenges, and feel connected to our customers; the professionalism because as entrepreneurs ourselves, we know exactly how important it is to do this job right.


A symbol for Makers and Doers

Today we update Holvi’s visual identity. Our new symbol is a story of growth: it’s a narrative of how a new business can grow from a simple idea. How one point in time can become the groundwork for your whole business, something that you can proudly claim as your own.


Daring to be different, having the highest regard for skill, quality and craftsmanship – we feel that these are qualities every business should feel passionate about, no matter how small. This feeling is reflected in our new Holvi nonagon, which has a special connection to our customers: the European Union’s definition of a micro business is “a company employing 1-9 people”. This is the community we are building solutions for, and we are proud to take on the challenge of helping them out in their daily lives. And we can only do this new symbol justice by building a better Holvi each and every day.

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