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Holvi introduces salary payments as part of the service

Holvi yrittäjille, How to use Holvi · 07/09/17 08:59 · Arttu Talvitie


As your company grows, you’ll rightfully feel proud -- but expansion also brings added complexity. One of the biggest challenges for small and medium companies is the hiring of new employees. Not only is the recruitment process a hassle, there is also plenty of bureaucracy to go around when you have an employee. Especially when you pay salaries: you need to calculate salary and deductions for payroll, file reports to the tax authorities, make insurance payments and all that. Now Holvi has new ways to help out: introducing our new payroll tool! (disclaimer, the functionality is only available in Finland for now)

Holvi’s philosophy is that small business owners can more easily handle their financial management in one service  so they have time to concentrate on the things that really matter. Our tools have included invoicing and receipts management for paperless bookkeeping, but now you can also pay salaries with just a few clicks:

  1. The salary payment calculator easily shows how much should be paid to both the employee and as emploeyer contributions. 
  2. With just a few clicks and a single payment, the salaries and employee contributions will be paid on the right day.
  3. All the needed reports are sent to the employee and filed to tax authorities automatically.
  4. The employer gets reports for bookkeeping purposes. 

Now there is no need to outsource your salary payments, you can literally do it yourself in just a few minutes. This flexibility could even allow small business owners to hire part-time or project workers more easily. 

This tool is currently available only in Finland. You can read more from our Help Centre. (sorry, only in Finnish)

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