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Filmmaker and adventurer Tom Vaillant knows no borders and neither does Holvi

Entrepreneurship · 09/07/15 18:45 · Elena Zozulya

Tom Vaillant is not your average finance student. Following his two big passions of filmmaking and climbing, he set up his own film production company at the age of 19 to shoot his first documentary while climbing Mount Everest and dog sledding in the extreme low temperatures in the Arctic Circle. His stunningly beautiful film “Between snow and stars” tells the stories of six renowned mushers and climbers on their perilous adventures.

Tom’s film projects and studying have taken him to new countries and places in Europe. Whenever he moves to a new country, be it for a short or longer term, he has to deal with a seemingly simple task of opening a local bank account. Yet often the process may take weeks, a lot phone calls and visits to branches to get a current account up and running. We’ve caught up with Tom to learn more about this adventurous Maker and Doer, his plans for the future and get his thoughts on why his lifestyle and Holvi are a good fit.

How did you start making films?

I started my film production company in my first year at university. At first, I was doing music videos and corporate videos. However, I primarily founded my own company to produce and direct my adventure film “Between snow and stars”, which was an opportunity for me to follow the explorers and adventurers. It took me three years to finish this documentary.

You crowdfunded “Between snow and stars”. Can you tell more about this?

I set up a crowdfunding campaign for my adventure film on Kickstarter. In total, we had 210 backers who together helped raise £21,000 to bring this project to life. It literally helped me kickstart my career and my own company and learn a lot along the way.

What was the best part of producing the film?

Apart from the breathtaking scenery on Everest and in the Arctic, the best part was creating the soundtrack for the film together with Scott. When I received the soundtrack that was exactly what I’d had in mind, it was absolutely mind-blowing. I believe 60% of the film is its soundtrack.


What are you most excited about at the moment?

I am now starting to work on the production and programming of the Red Bull TV Global. I am going to be immersed in the world of sports video production 24/7 with the people who are deeply passionate about what they do. A new country, new projects, new people – all of these make me very excited.

You move quite a bit. What problems have you experienced with opening a bank account in different countries?

In the recent years, I have lived in Switzerland, France, UK and Finland. Now I am moving to Austria. In the UK, to open a bank account you need to have an address, but to have an address you need to have a bank account. It’s also quite often the case in other countries. Even the process of closing a bank can be a struggle. Being able to open a current account online with Holvi before moving to Austria makes things so much easier for me.

Why would you recommend Holvi to entrepreneurs?

When you’re starting up young, you don’t have much knowledge about how to start and run a business and the intricacy of it. You have a vision, but running your business on a practical level can be very daunting. There are a lot of financial issues you need to take into consideration, which can be overwhelming. I think having a platform like Holvi can solve a lot of these problems for an entrepreneur. It allows you to keep track of your company’s expenses, be organised on the financial side of things, stay in control and be able to access all this information very easily. It’s a huge timesaver. If today I need to file my VAT report, where am I going to get all this information? Instead of calling your accountant, you can do it yourself and very quickly. I recommend Holvi for its ease of use, benefits of the platform and for the team around who is there to support you. Also, If you are a sole entrepreneur moving across borders or expanding, Holvi can be an excellent solution for your banking needs. Holvi is definitely a source of disruption and a very exciting product for me. I am looking forward to seeing how Holvi will evolve in the future.


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