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Embed your Holvi online store into external pages with iframe

How to use Holvi, Holvi news, For Holvi entrepreneurs · 20/08/15 12:15 · Arttu Talvitie

You asked for it and we finally had the time to make it happen. Last week we were happy to bring our team together in Helsinki and had a great hackathon figuring out useful new features to help you get better use of Holvi. Now it is time to introduce you to our latest new feature to help you promote your Holvi online shop and make it available to your audiences on all channels. Here we go!

We all agree that ecommerce is growing, our goal here at Holvi has always been to provide our customers with easy-to-use entrepreneurial tools to help you boost your sales and grow your business. Today, we are proudly presenting you our newest feature — the iframe — that allows you to integrate your Holvi online store into any website by clicking one button.

This is how it works

Like Da Vinci once stated, simplicity is the ultimate art of sophistication. We are doing our best to follow that line in everything we do for banking. That’s why now we are bringing you the option to embed your Holvi shop at any page, blog, social network or channel with the same functionality as sharing a Youtube video. All you have to do is click on the embedding button </> at the top menu bar and copy paste the iframe code. That’s it.

How does it look like?

Like the name suggests, iframe works similarly to a “frame” that shows pieces of a page within another page (the view is not, in fact, framed, but it integrates seamlessly to your site). So in this context, you can place a piece of your own Holvi online store on your own homepage. When publishing your own store, all products appear at the URL “http://holvi.com/shop/YOURSTORENAME”. Previously some manual work was needed to integrate the shop to your own site if you wanted to use anything else than Holvi’s own domain. Now we made it easy and quick for you to post your products anywhere. The iframe widget allows you to add your online store products to your own site with just copying and pasting a piece of code to your site. Here is how it is going to look like:

With our new iframe feature, you will be able to publish your product picture, title, price and payment button to the website of your choice. After your customers hit the payment button on your site, they will be redirected to Holvi’s secure network to finish the checkout, select quantities and shipping address and pay according to their preferred payment option. By using the iframe you are able to combine the attraction of your personal channel with Holvi’s online shop payment flow. Fast, easy and secure without investing any time in coding the full experience.

We hope that iframe capability will help you grow your business. Here and here we have gathered some practical advice for running your online store. However, we must confess that most of our customers are real pros when it comes down to getting attention of their customers!


The Holvi team

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