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Small Business Tips · 09/08/2016, 14:07 · Arttu Talvitie


Holvi, founded in Helsinki in 2011, is banking for Makers and Doers – built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It's a business account combined with Holvi Business Mastercard® card and the tools to grow your business. Read brief intros of some of our customers and how Holvi benefits their business!

Secret Synapse

The Helsinki-based design agency Secret Synapse doesn’t want to settle for anything less than becoming “the world’s most transparent company.” The co-founders Sid Kumpurinne, Pinja Heininen and Ilmari Mansikkamäki met while studying industrial design at Aalto University and decided to set up their own company in 2013. The team wanted to create a commercial business that would help fuel their non-profit company and enable them to apply their design know-how to social projects. That is why the founders wanted to be as transparent as possible about their finances right from the start.


"Holvi allows us to easily manage our financial operations. It’s great that invoicing tool is integrated into the online banking service, which makes it very convenient to follow the payment status of invoices. With the income and expense categories, we can have a complete overview of all money movements and see the full picture of our financial situation. Traditional banks don’t provide the features that Holvi has."

Juha Heikkinen

It’s not only through Spotify’s recommendations that you can discover great new music. There are plenty of hidden gems on the street corners of your hometown. Today we shine a spotlight on Finland’s best street musician – JPTH. Juha Pekka Tapani Heikkinen (JPTH) writes and composes catchy fun songs that people simply love. He is also an actor, event host, public speaker, and entrepreneur. A skilful entertainer, JPTH knows a thing or two about how to grab the attention of his audience. We recently caught up with Juha to learn more about him, his music, his band and how he’s using Holvi for his project.


"The best part is how simple it is to manage your money and run an online store on Holvi. It’s super easy to use. Plus, Holvi's customer support is amazing."


The founders of THE O, Rose Wilson and Christian Zeiler, are developing a mobile app that immediately alerts you when you’re about to leave behind any of your important belongings. The app comes together with a beautifully designed smart wearable that you can attach to any of your belongings — a briefcase, charger, jacket, or keys — you name it. The app connects to the wearable device through Bluetooth and creates what the founders call “a virtual leash”. When your personal item gets too far away from your phone, the app alerts you.

01_THE-O-team (1)

"We have been using Holvi since the very early days of our startup. It serves well our current needs and it’s very easy to use. For us, Holvi is a very basic accounting tool to keep track of our overall balance."

Holvi has been voted as the hottest startup in Finland by Wired Magazine and stated as the next big thing to come out of Finland after Nokia by Forbes. In March 2016 we joined the BBVA global family of innovative fintech companies. We will continue to develop Holvi independently in Finland with the support of BBVA. For more Makers and Doers stories and small business tips, join fellow entrepreneurs from the top right corner of this page and we'll keep you up-to-date with useful tips and stories. Be sure to also check out Satu Yoga's Holvi online store.


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