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A sneak peek at the Holvi Business debit card

How to use Holvi · 26/05/15 14:01 · Tuomas Toivonen

We are kicking off a series of blog post on some of the things that we are currently working on here at Holvi. For the first post, we’re featuring one of our most requested new services: the Holvi Business debit card. The card is something that our customers have been asking for (a lot!) – and we're happy that what we have in the works will be a big help for anyone running a business.

On a personal note, having been involved in a number of businesses and non-profit organisations over the years, this is a type of card that would have been great to have.

We’re still a few months off from the card launch, but here’s a preview of some of the features we're preparing for you.

Works on the MasterCard network

The Holvi Business debit card is issued under the MasterCard brand. What this means is that you can use the card anywhere, globally that MasterCard is accepted. You can use the card in shops, use it to withdraw cash at an ATM and of course for online purchases. We’ll be supporting both physical cards and virtual cards – and for the plastic cards contactless (NFC) is supported.

Works for your business

We have designed the Holvi Business debit card to support our customers in running their businesses. Here’s some of the highlights:

We make it easy for you to have a card for everyone in your organisation. Whether it is people who need to a card for their business travel or for purchasing office supplies, you can get a card for everyone. 

Helping you delegate and control spending, we also allow you to create virtual cards directly in your Holvi account. Virtual cards are instantly available and can be used online. You can control how many payments and what amounts can be done on the virtual card. For example, you can issue a virtual card that allows you to delegate business travel booking online. All purchases from all the cards in your organisation are immediately available in your Holvi account.

We are also making reporting really easy. For purchases, we capture all the relevant data on the merchant and the category of the merchant. All of this is available in your Holvi account. You can decide the expense categories where you want each type of purchase to appear. All future purchases can be automatically categorised. We’ll also include who in your organisation made the purchase so that you stay in control.

Works with your mobile

We’ll be covering our mobile roadmap in a separate post. What we can say here is that there’s a number of features that we’re working on to make the Holvi Business debit card work seamlessly with your mobile.

First, we’re using the card and mobile to take away the pain of receipts. Whenever you make a purchase, we send you a notification on your mobile. We allow you to add a comment on the purchase as well as a photo of the receipts. These are saved automatically to your bookkeeping on Holvi. You get your purchase filed right away. No need to save that paper receipt!

Second, we’re bringing card security to your mobile. You have real-time notifications of your card spending on the mobile. If you think you’ve lost your card, you can temporarily block its use with your mobile. If you want added security, we allow you to require that the near to the same physical location as your mobile when making a purchase.

We want to work with you

While we’re still a few months away from the card launch, we’d like to get your feedback. What do you want from your Holvi Business debit card? Let us know by tweeting with the hash tag #HolviBusiness, get in touch by email at support@holvi.com or leave a comment below.

If you’re already a Holvi customer, you’ll be the first to know when the card is available.

We’re looking forward to working with you to launch the Holvi Business debit card!

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