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7 Tips to Get Started with SEO

Small Business Tips · 15/02/2016, 13:21 · Guest Blogger

This is a guest blog post by Erwan Derlyn, Head of Organic Acquisition at iZettle. For more smart hacks to help you start, run, and grow your business, follow the iZettle Business Hacks.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website's chances of being found when customers search for a product or service like yours on Google or any other search engine. Needless to say, showing up in search results is extremely important for the success of your business — you want to be found when your potential customers are looking for you!

There are thousands of factors that can impact how your website ranks on search engines — but here are some simple steps to get started right away!

Make sure search engines can find your website

To check if your website is indexed, you can try this query on Google "site:www.yourwebsite.com". The number of results is the number of indexed pages for your website. You can also access this data from your Google Search Console account and go to “Index status”. Don’t have an account yet? Create one. It’ll quickly become your best friend.

If your website doesn't seem to be indexed, verify that it's not being blocked by a robots.txt file here, and then submit a new sitemap.

Create content that people will search for

You can use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find what keywords are most important for your business. But also talk to your customers and prospects to find out what they’re looking for and what problems they have. This is key when creating relevant content for your audience.

Monitor your rankings

You can, of course, check manually where you stand on certain keywords by just Googling the terms you think are the most important for your business. But this will quickly become too time consuming for you. You can automate this task with tools such as semrush.com or moz.com and get reports directly to your inbox.

Provide a great experience

In 2015, global mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time, and it seems as though the trend is here to stay. You should make sure to provide a great experience for your visitors - regardless of whether they’re on a large screen or on their smartphone or tablet. Google is taking this into consideration as well when determining if you deserve to rank among the first results or not. To verify that your website is mobile friendly, you can use this free tool. If it’s not, consider fixing it ASAP!

Put your business on the map

50% of consumers conducting a Google search for local businesses on their smartphone end up visiting the location within 24 hours. If you have a local business, make sure you add it to Google Local here. And don’t forget to include your address and opening hours on your website as well.

Don’t copy paste!

Google values unique content and can penalise websites with too much "duplicate content". So no stealing, put the time to craft unique content and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Gain popularity

Links and mentions are important for your business to generate traffic but also to increase your chances to rank. Find creative ways to reach out to bloggers or journalists that might be interested to write about your business, and take the time to be active in communities in your industry.

Following these easy steps on a regular basis will help you gain visibility online and identify improvements along the way. Good luck!


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