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7 Tips to Start Marketing Your Online Store

Entrepreneurship, Tips for small businesses, Business marketing, For Holvi entrepreneurs · 18/07/16 15:16 · Arttu Talvitie

This article is part of our series of guest posts, where visiting writers offer their advice to entrepreneurs. Today saying his piece is Heikko Sivonen, the co-founder and director of digital marketing for the inbound marketing company Fuel.

It’s common that online stores don’t have any time to invest in marketing. It is seen as being expensive and time-consuming. Thought is given to hiring an employee or a marketing agency to get the job done. A second thought is given to the fact that the whole Google thing ought to be taken care of too.

Don’t worry! You’ve got the product, the knowhow and the channels. All the makings for proper DIY marketing are at your disposal. Here’s a list of seven tips that help you transform your web store into a content marketing:

1. Create a media channel

Start a blog and make it a permanent part of your web store. Your customers will find their way to the product pages as long the site is clear and easily navigable. The Holvi web store makes it easy to add products into your blog in an impressive manner with iFrame.

2. Keep your audience in your mind

Have a clear picture in your mind of the person to whom you are writing to. Think about her needs and challenges. This person doesn’t necessarily have to be the purchaser of your products. You should aim to make your blog itself interesting enough to be recommended forward! Fans are what makes a company truly shine. With your writings you’re providing a service for your customers. Write about what interests your customers instead of writing about your products all the time.

3. Create your own unique way of doing things

It’s not a good idea to replicate what the most successful DIY marketeers such as Jounin Kauppa in Lapland are doing. Your online store doesn’t have to look like Las Vegas. Your customers might instead value quality and traditions, artisanship and interaction.

4. Plan your content creation

Even if you fly solo or operate with limited resources you shouldn’t pass on content marketing. When you create a well laid-out plan for the next couple of months to come, writing itself becomes easy. Make use of your partners and even customers in your writing efforts.

How often should one blog? According to a study by HubSpot, the optimal results are achieved by publishing a blog post at least once a week, preferably twice. Even if your text doesn’t garner loads of attention when it is published, you’ll notice that your old text become quite valuable over time. These days content marketing is the best way to do search engine optimization.

5. Utilize social media well

Use social media as your number one marketing platform. It’ll make your blog fly. Share your posts in the channels of your own choosing, but at least on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Remember to share your old posts regularly later on. Aim to be visible in some channel at least once a day.

6. Create routines

Create yourself a routine of working that prevents you from constantly hanging out in social media. For example use 30 minutes a day for social media marketing: 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes during the day and 10 minutes in the afternoon.

7. Analyze your successes and failures

Constantly analyze what worked and what didn’t. Be daring and test different tools for following and assessing your digital marketing. Good tools include for example Hootsuite, Buffer and HubSpot.

Once you get your blog writing rolling and your posts start to amass attention it is only a matter of time when the dough starts flowing your way. Aim to make content marketing a permanent part of your business. Think and function like a media. Be target-oriented in gathering followers and likes. Follow, share and comment on other people’s posts too. Remember to stay positive!


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