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Your Bank Account, Your Marketplace

How to use Holvi · 22/04/15 16:59 · Elina Räsänen

Turnkey solutions for setting up your own online store have existed for almost two decades. We here at Holvi didn’t want to reinvent the wheel but actually build something that was missing from the existing e-commerce market and that we know that would benefit a whole generation of online merchants.

Online sales is naturally about money transfers, or in some cases about barter trade (which is definitely an exciting topic in sharing economy), but we won’t get into details here about that. Funnily enough, your bank account is also all about money transfers. So how come those two have stayed separate for so many years? Technically combining these two is neither rocket science nor hard. Strangely, nobody has done it before. So we thought it was about time.

Let’s celebrate the joint union of your account and your e-commerce!


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Your Holvi account is a normal current account with an individual IBAN attached. Just like any other IBAN account from any other financial institution or your traditional bank. Combining e-commerce to a current account removes the final seam in being a merchant, allowing you to get the funds into use in real time. From Holvi you can pay that office rent with the first sales you make.

We’re not announcing a novelty here, but fact is it’s actually something that has not been done before! You can open your Holvi account in a couple of minutes and start receiving payments right away. We want to bring professional SME tools to everyone’s reach by seamless integration of your business and the services you need to use to sustain it.

In recent years, simple digital tools like publishing, e-commerce and bookkeeping have democratized the European businesses every day. Many of us are eager to see a similar transformation in banking, which has been lagging behind in development due to the strict regulation. It is definitely not a piece of cake. Some say that banks are even too regulated to be disrupted. It takes a lot of perseverance to bring change to a utterly regulated industry but Holvi accounts democratise small business banking.

We aim to radically lower barriers to e-commerce and enable small businesses and hobbyists, who often lack the time to dive deep into technical setup concepts and implementations. With the right preparation, mindset and tools at hand, anyone can sell online and be successful at it, too. No matter if you are a DIY craftsman/-woman, a full time designer or someone who is just getting started with their creative career, we can help you to take the first step. Your idea is enough – start now!


Your marketplace for entrepreneurship

We know that sometimes the whole world likes to tell you that you should give up on your entrepreneurial aspirations and adhere to a normal, proper, real life. We’ve been there too. The bureaucracy, endless paperwork, complexity of managing your own activities and all that uncertainty and risk involved. True story, we’ve heard it too. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up your day job immediately and jump to the unknown. You can first test the waters and see where it takes you. What you need is a computer, or a mobile device with an internet connection and you are good to go.

Adding e-commerce for your small business or project requires far less investment in terms of time and money than opening a traditional brick and mortar shop. That is why we essentially designed a pricing model that does not involve set-up cost or any fixed monthly fees. Opening and closing your online shop should be as simple as clicking a button. And it is.

Hands-free setup for hands-on small business owners

You can sell everything from tech to fashion, health, beauty, art, jewellery, design, books, baby products, home items and even your consulting hours. You can also use the webshop to collect member fees for your sports club or association or organise the ticketing of your tech conference. Just to mention a few. We have also enabled digital downloads so that you can sell your music or ebooks in a digital format. We handle all the back office, infrastructure and contracts of running your own e-commerce business, so you can focus on selling products and growing your brand. You are not alone out there, a research conducted by eCommerce News suggests that online sales have not reached the full potential. Be part of the fast-growing market!

How Holvi works

  • No design or web development team needed - we have it all covered.
  • Easy customisable webshop with your own logo and shop item images.
  • Integrated social media links.
  • Responsive Web design, so your online store looks as great on smartphones and tablets as it does on desktop.
  • Payment flexibility - accept all major credit cards, local payment methods for selected countries and who knows, maybe even bitcoin in the future?
  • Your business in one place. E-commerce integrated to your current account - deploy your funds as you wish!

Now that we have explained how Holvi webshop works we are really keen on getting to know your project and idea! Let us know if we can help with your setup to get you started!

There are plenty of handy apps that have not been yet integrated to a bank account, but you can count on us! We already have many fantastic ideas that are a perfect match to your current account at Holvi.

Holvi offers an online current business account for freelancers and small business owners — the first of its kind, with an app and an end-to-end platform. Besides traditional online banking features, Holvi is equipped with handy tools for online sales, invoicing and paperless bookkeeping. We’re a modern money service for the new wave of digital nomads.



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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

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