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Doing what you want to do vs. doing what you have to

Off topic · 19/12/14 17:34 · Stefan Krafft

A story about time and how you spend it

Being a business owner has two sides – working with what you want to and the opposite, taking care of everything else needed to be done to run your business. One of the biggest challenges is how to reduce time on what naturally comes when running a business – taking care of administration – so that you can get more time to do what you’re passionate about.


Time is your most valuable asset

I know for a matter of fact that running a business is tough – you have to make sacrifices and it takes a lot of precious time. Often small business owners get frustrated because they end up doing everything else but the thing why they decided to start their own business in the first place. Yes, we are talking about a heavy load of administration and bureaucracy: taking care of finances, taking care of bookkeeping and a lot more. It takes plenty of time and that is the most precious thing there is for any business owner. Everyone is chasing it and everyone has too little of it, does it sound familiar?

All brave heroes starting their own business will experience the same abrupt awakening that  usually sounds something like this:

“What is going on here! I wish I had more time to do the work because of which I started my own company. But all the administrative hassle won’t let me...”

Maximizing time where it has the greatest return

It seems to be some kind of invisible “force”, always trying to push you away from your “zone”– from the place where you want to be back to some dark cellar full of anxiety. Ouch… It is painful. In fact, over 77% of the UK’s small businesses say that they spend way too much time on administration instead of growing their businesses .

As a small business owner myself and a co-founder of a couple of companies, I know the pain and stress of it. No one wants to do that work, but it has to be done. This also means that no one is even trying to find a smarter way to take care of the company’s finances and administration, which makes it even worse. It increases the hours you need to spend on those tasks and it makes it harder to get a good overview of how your business is doing. How about a solution that understands the needs of a small business?

Taking away the admin-pain with a one-stop solution

Holvi solves major problems of every single small business owner in Europe by making it easier and even joyful to take care of the company’s finances. Add to this a real-time overview of your financial situation so that you can make better decisions. We have built the world’s first truly independent financial system without any connections to traditional banks or financial institutions. A necessity for building the future model of modern banking.

At Holvi we aim to remove the pain of taking care of a small company’s administration. As we let our customers save their time on administrative tasks, we create real value for them that changes the way a small business is run.

The future of banking doesn’t limit your freedom

You have the passion but you also hate the bureaucracy. We know what it’s like. All those taxes, receipts, online sales, accounting entries and messy bank statements can bring anyone down. Our mission is to destroy the bureaucracy. We’ll take care of your finances, so you can focus on the thing that matters most – your business.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. I hope that you, just like me, want to spend as much time as possible doing what you are best suited for – building your ideas! We already have customers from 10 different markets using our platform,  during 2015 we will move across Europe taking on new users.

Reserve your seat now and get immediate access when Holvi is available in your country – welcome!

/Stefan Krafft - Entrepreneur & proud member of the Holvi-team.


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