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20 million small businesses create the future growth of Europe

Fintech Trends · 09/12/14 11:55 · Stefan Krafft

Time changes everything. The days when our society relied heavily on the big corporations to be the “masters” of growing the economy is gone and will never come back. And it is a good thing – disruptive technology, creative minds, people with ambitions and an open financial ecosystem empower a movement bigger than we might think.

There are over 20 million small businesses in Europe. They create over 85% of all new jobs in the region. These are the companies and the people who stand for the future growth and wealth of all citizens of Europe.

Who are these people?

They are everywhere in every kind of industry and any location. These people take risks and seek opportunities in every situation that occurs,  they are working to fulfill a dream and feel good about what they do. They work hard and they find the work they do rewarding as it is. They have ambitions and dreams, but find the biggest joy and relief in having a meaning in their work.

What they have all in common is that they embrace the digital age we live in. They all work and live digitally and make their living with their hands, brains and a reliable internet connection. Each of them has created their own set-up of smart applications and software tools to make as much out of their business as possible and efficiently manage their time to be able to focus on what they are so passionate about. Here we’ve picked 10 business tools that every entrepreneur needs.


Innovation drives growth for European small businesses

Smart technology (and of course the internet itself) has made it so much easier for anyone to run a business smoother in almost every single area, except for the most important one - handing the company's finances. Traditional banks have totally failed serving this growing sector of the economy and they don’t want to improve. Their business model is outdated and has very little to do with the needs of the modern business owners. In fact, over 70% of business owners prefer to go the dentist rather than visiting their bank. Sounds crazy, don’t you think! It is really serious and it definitely affects small business owners’ ability to run their operations as they would like to. The bureaucracy and all the fees limit the freedom of every single small business owner in Europe.

Erasing the “silos” of managing a business

Another big problem is that when managing their finances small business owners are forced to work with several different solutions, completely separated from each other. This creates silos and makes it difficult to get a good overview of how business is doing financially, which eventually slows down the pace and consumes a lot of valuable time. Time is the most precious asset for anyone, especially for small businesses that must handle all aspects of the company. Administration is usually the part they like the least to take care of.

Holvi changes all of this. Small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, part-time gardeners, sole-traders, project teams, organisations, yoga instructors, homecrafters and everyone in between can now say goodbye to banks as they know them. They do not need them anymore. With Holvi they can replace their traditional banks. It is so easy to use that anyone can be up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Sounds scary? It’s not. You can start off small, set up an account and keep your old bank until you realize it is time for a break up.

Don’t waste your time anymore

Invoicing, budgeting, accounting is built into your Holvi account. You’ll get a real-time overview of everything that has to do with your finances, presented in the most beautiful way you can imagine. The best part of it? It sets you free to do what you love – run your business with passion and love.

This is only the beginning. Holvi is built completely separately from any existing banks which allows us to build the only existing financial eco-system there is that starts with its users. That is why we built Holvi, to fit the modern connected society and empower the “Makers & Doers” to be the growth builders of our generation.

Holvi is your digital solution to all financial hassle! Sign up to Holvi and join the banking revolution!

Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

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