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What would you do if you followed your dreams?

Off topic · 24/11/2014, 14:46 · Stefan Krafft

We all dream of what we would do if we were just given the chance. The only problem is that nobody gives you these chances, you just have to create them all by yourself. Don’t fall into despair - thanks to groundbreaking technology, human creativity and new bold ideas transforming your dream into a reality is now easier than ever before.

Our history is filled with outstanding inventions from people with dreams just like yours. And it goes way back - from the point where humans figured out how to make a fire -  the evolution of human invention has been astonishing and fascinating. From electricity, mills, steam engines, telephones to airplanes and self-driving cars. And not least the computer. Humans are awesome! Some of the breakthroughs are greater than others, not always because they are groundbreaking as they happen, but they have been the beginning of a movement that now has a huge impact on our lives.

Internet is one of those, from the beginning it was not that spectacular and enabling as it is now.  20 years ago no one could even have imagined the super-connected society we take for granted today. And how many new fantastic companies have been born thanks to it - Google, Spotify, Skype and Netflix (and many, many more). They all have done something pretty awesome; they have re-defined and built a whole industry.

By being as creative and disruptive as ever possible, they changed how we live and work for good. But what is even more interesting, technology for all of these companies is just an enabler. The awesomeness is that they have forever changed established industries into something so much more valuable for human beings.

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Next up for innovation and rebuilding is banking. Traditional banks are among the most slow moving components of the financial industry there is. Everyone is depending on them to do their part in our society, but they are failing. Big time. Banks are no longer (if they ever have been), an enhancer of peoples dreams and visions. Banks have become an authority with too much power to decide over peoples lives by restricting and setting up barriers that holds us back.

Holvi is not a new bank, not in any sense whatsoever. The only thing we have in common with your view on what banks are is that we do take care of your money and we offer banking services, but how we do it is a totally new holistic approach. We enable our customers to do and create, we bring them freedom to follow their passion and we solve the problems they face. We break down the barriers between managing finances and your digital life to bring you the convenience and simplicity rather than features.

Holvi is not tied to any traditional bank or financial institution, we are free to build the financial hub you deserve, one that sets you free and enables you to follow your dreams.

Granted, compared to most of the banks or payment institutions out there, we probably are a different kind of company. We do not, for example, charge for every little thing or try to sell services that our clients do not need. We like our customers. We try to make their lives easier and happier. In fact, we don’t even consider our users as customers but simply as friends.

The world is changing. Our time is now! There are already over 40 million small businesses owners, freelancers, project workers and entrepreneurs in Europe. There are all kinds of modern day Makers and Doers.  Full-time piano players, painters, DJ’s and yoga instructors. Part-time gardeners, bloggers, consultants, personal trainers and everything in between -  people like you and me. So, from small business owners to medium-sized event organizers to gigantic project management, Holvi is a brand new take on how to take care of your business. A banking platform for the connected era because you deserve it.

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Hey, one more thing. I decided to follow my dream(s) four years ago. What made me take that scary first step into the world of uncertainty was two things, 1) I really wanted it and 2) I had created, in some sentence unconsciously, a situation where different choices and actions I had made converged into an opportunity I just felt I had to catch. I did that. Since then I have started three companies, failed many times but learned something new every day. That makes me feel free.

Try and fail, but don't fail to try!

Be kind. Be yourself.

/Stefan Krafft - Entrepreneur, Idea-Maniac and proud Holvi team-member



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