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Holvi makes show of force at Web Summit

How to use Holvi, Off topic, Small Business Tips · 03/11/14 11:21 · Fernando

Hello Holvinites,

our team continues its pilgrimage across Europe for this, very hectic event season. Next stop: Dublin.


The Web Summit kicks off tomorrow and Holvi will, once again, be in the thick of the action. Be sure to drop by and say hello to the team!

Holvi will be taking part in the START path, alongside some of the most promising growth companies around (previous attendees include Dropbox, Vine, Nest, Stripe and many more now-household names). As such, our team will be exhibiting at the Holvi stand tomorrow. You can find us in the Finance area (SIMMONS). Our stand number is FIN302.

If you are attending the full event and are short on time (or attention span), our team has taken a detailed look through the agenda and curated some highlights for you. Here are some hand-picked happenings that are not to be missed:

Tuesday 4th of November

10:15 - Making the egg Extinct: Josh Tetrick (Hampton Creek) & Jessi Hempel (Wired)

10:45 - John Collison (Stripe) in conversation with David Rowan (Wired)

15:10 - Decoding Disease: Technology and the Cure for Cancer: Jorge Soto (Miroculus)

Wednesday 5th of November

9:40 - Social Media in Warzones Demo: Annemarie Tomchak (BBC Trending)

11:20 - Tony Fadell: In Conversation

13:25 - Re-inventing in an age of constant disruption: Jonathan Klein (Getty), David Wadwhani (Adobe), Brian Morrissey (DigiDay)

15:35 - The Tech Revolution Outside the Valley: Noam Bardin (Waze), Maelle Gavet (Ozon), Junyu Wang (Wandouja) Mike Butcher (TechCrunch)

Thursday 6th of November

10:35 - The Future of Wearables: Liam Casey (PCH) Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media)

11:20 - The Next Frontier in 3D Printing - The Unintended Collides with the Unimagined: Avi Reichental (3D systems)

12:45 - Real Life on Demand: Oisin Hanrahan (Handybook), Jay Bregman & Ingrid Lunden (TechCrunch)

14:30 - Pitch Perfect: Dave McClure (500 Startups) Josh Elman (Greylock), David Tisch (Box Group) **

16:10 - Peter Thiel (Founders Fund) in conversation with Caroline Daniel (Financial Times)


Happy networking / trend-spotting / partying / geeking out!


The Holvi Team

** Parental advisory - expect plenty of profanity!









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