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Q&A with our new Growth team member: Stefan Krafft

News and Announcements, Off topic · 24/10/14 12:29 · Fernando

Holvi keeps on growing.

The financial pains of Makers and Doers out there are not going to soothe themselves, so we have added yet another star player to our line-up. This time it is Sweden's turn. Our shiny new growth builder/ storyteller/wordsmith on the ground is Stefan Krafft. We could go on at length about Stefan's good looks and extensive experience in technology, but we decided to let him tell you himself by way of Q&A.


Question: Who are you?

Stefan: Oh, good question, work in progress. But I am trying my very best to be me every single day. It might be one of the hardest things in life, to figure out how you want to live to feel alive, right!? Accepting yourself as you are and realise that you are damn good! Everyone is.

So, I am me. When I work, I want to built growth as a Marketing guy. That involves both brain and heart, I have a certain touch for it. Creating outstanding ideas and set them to work is my specialty.

Q. What excites you in life?

Stefan: I am always trying to spend time on doing stuff that gives me energy, both in work and off work. I love good ideas in every aspect, they give me that certain energy and flow that makes my heart and brain smile. I love hanging out with my daughter. I love what good music gives me, I love running because it clears my thoughts. I love things that make me feel real and present.

Q. What’s your favourite type of food?

Stefan: Good food?! But if I had to choose just one country in the world where I could eat and drink the very best every day, I would say Italy. They have it all. The pasta, the coffee, the cheese, the antipasto and lovely red wines.

Q. What do you want to accomplish at Holvi?

Stefan: Holvi for me, is one of the most interesting startups there is in the whole world. Not just because of superior technology and stuff like that, what I like most about Holvi is that it actually makes it so much easier for people to do what they love in life! That is just awesome and that is why I want to help make it happen.

Q. Who is your hero/role model?

Stefan: Sorry guys, don't have any superhero to name here. But I have a wonderful wife standing by my side, supporting me and loving me, she is my hero. If you had asked me whom I would like to be if I wasn´t me, the answer would be - Mats Sundin. The best Swedish ice-hockey player ever!

We warmly welcome you to the team and know you'll be a great asset, Stefan.

Holvinites out there who wish to reach out can follow Stefan on Twitter @stefankrafft

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