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Financial Services in the UK - Who do they truly serve?

News and Announcements · 02/10/2014, 13:33 · Fernando

Did you know that approximately 50 % of the €946-billion UK economy is made up of small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, project workers and sole traders? It is these Makers and Doers who keep the UK moving. There are around 4.6 million Makers and Doers in the UK alone: micro-businesses employing fewer than 10 people and accounting for 96 % of all businesses.

Those are serious numbers, yet the SME sector remains the poorest-served by established banks.

These Makers and Doers need something far more powerful than what they are currently getting from financial institutions. Holvi enables small businesses to grow their passion and turn their ideas into reality.  We are all about innovation, usability and transparency, allowing the Makers and Doers to make more of their time and money - not worrying about the tedious and repetitive tasks involved in managing finances.  Holvi is an online banking service designed for the modern world. Holvi is for individuals, companies, associations and projects.

The UK is a landscape of different cultures and habits with strong roots in fintech. The market is ready for a fresh approach and we are happy to give UK businesses a significant experience to shape the future of banking.

In London alone, there are 251 foreign banks and 588 foreign financial services companies. In spite of this, it can still take up to three months to open a bank account for a foreign small business entering the UK market.  A Holvi account can be opened online in minutes. Additionally, upcoming legislation will force British banks that have rejected an SME loan application, to refer these customers to challenger banks and alternative lenders.

In the words of our CEO Johan Lorenzen: the stage is set for Holvi’s arrival in the UK. Cutting-edge technology allows us to move fast, and having received an operational licence, we can now truly build a modern service that brings new motion to a stagnant industry.

This license allows Holvi to operate in 19 European countries. Customers from Ireland, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and Italy have already joined this exciting journey and are building their ideas on Holvi.  Providing a native, pan-European account is an unprecedented move for a fintech company - an entire industry is about to change.

Get invited to Holvi: https://holvi.com/en/signuptoholvi/

Find out more about Holvi's entry to the UK:



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Join fellow entrepreneurs who already have a head start.

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