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Holvi sets sights on Britain

Fintech Trends, News and Announcements, Small Business Tips · 30/09/2014, 09:19 · Fernando

Watch out, UK - Our team is excited to set its collective sights on your neighbourhood. Not only does the region present an immense new opportunity for Holvi - it is also one of the greatest current hotbeds  for entrepreneurs and freelancers, anywhere.

 We are thrilled by the prospect of helping Makers and Doers all over Britain do business. Research by The Design Council confirms it is the right time to be involved with this amazing customer segment - the Council's conversations with over two-thousand people in the British design ecosystem validate this. Their findings paint a promising picture for the future of Design (and the Makers and Doers movement as a whole), not just in the UK, but dare we say - in most of Europe.

One of the biggest trends uncovered by the study is the advent of new business models and supply chain arrangements evidenced by strong growth (39 %) in the number of freelance designers. This can be attributed to a combination of: a more austere economic climate in recent years; the ease with which Sole Traders can operate; and the reduced costs such arrangements bring to client companies.

More interesting findings about the UK below:

  • The average British designer is a 38 year-old, white male
  • There is approximately one designer per every 270 inhabitants

Holvi - fighting the good fight for Makers and Doers out there:

  • 58 % of freelance designers in The UK reported income of less than 50-thousand Pounds per year
  • 87 % of design consultancies employ fewer than ten staff

Stay tuned for more on our UK adventure!

 More information:

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