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Hermanni Turkki - the best street band in Finland!

Entrepreneurship · 28/08/14 14:01 · Arttu Talvitie

Hermanni Turkki - the best street band in Finland! This ensemble plays their very own genre, "Folk Racket". Check out the video to get familiar with the band and their genre!

Hermanni Turkki was founded in January 2011. They started out purely as a street band, but later they moved on to doing more professional gigs. They have launched their own term for the music they play: folk racket. The music could be described as Finnish folk music with shabby, but energetic, attitude featuring some interesting instruments! This list includes accordion, guitar, ukulele, double bass, clarinet, mandolin, cajon, perkussiokioski, melodica, harmonicas and xylophone. The list is long, but the band is also big and the ensemble ranges from 5-7 people depending on the gig.

Hermanni Turkki's songs are made to be sang on the streets and the soundscape depends heavily on the theatrical singing and gambolling melodies. Since 2011, Hermanni Turkki has been chosen as Finland's best street band, played the biggest festivals in Finland and released lots of albums including 10" vinyl EP. They have also created a bunch of music videos.

With Holvi, Hermanni Turkki sell's directly to their fans and invoices the gig organisers. In their online store they sell their albums, shirts and maybe in the future, Markuse's beard by the ounce. And as you can see in the video, they don't know what they would do without Holvi.

Check out Hermanni Turkki's online store: https://holvi.com/shop/hermanniturkki/

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